Jeff Goldblum, known for his unique and captivating performances, made a notable appearance on the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.” The audience erupted in applause as Goldblum took the stage, solidifying his status as one of the finest actors in the industry.

In a lively and entertaining conversation, Ross discussed Goldblum’s tendency to play eccentric characters and his own perception of being “weird.” Goldblum confessed that while he used to resist being labeled as weird, he has come to embrace his uniqueness. He believes that celebrating one’s weirdness is a great thing.

The conversation then shifted to Goldblum’s versatility as an actor, dispelling the misconception that he only plays a certain type of role. Goldblum highlighted his recent role on “Criminal Intent,” where he portrayed a straight, effective, and slightly unconventional cop. This diversity in roles is a testament to his brilliance as an actor.

As the conversation continued, Ross inquired about Goldblum’s secret to staying in incredible shape, despite not being a young man anymore. Goldblum attributed his discipline and love for movement as key factors in his fitness routine. Vanity also played a role, as he didn’t want to let himself go and wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The discussion then took a surprising turn when they touched upon a false rumor that circulated about Goldblum’s death. Goldblum revealed that he received a call from his publicist informing him of the news, which turned out to be a prank. The rumor spread like wildfire, causing distress to Goldblum’s loved ones until they discovered it was untrue.

Despite the unsettling experience, Goldblum handled the situation with grace and even appeared on the Stephen Colbert show to address the rumor. The incident reinforced the importance of checking sources before spreading information and highlighted the influence and responsibility of the media.

The conversation concluded with Goldblum discussing his upcoming play, “Prisoner of Second Avenue,” directed by Terry Johnson and produced by Kevin Spacey. Goldblum expressed his enthusiasm for the play, describing it as both hilarious and profound. Set in 1971, the play delves into the themes of loss, downsizing, and the significance of material possessions, providing a thought-provoking and comedic experience for audiences.

As the interview wrapped up, Goldblum’s charisma and passion were evident. His ability to engage the audience and share personal stories made for an entertaining and captivating episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.” There’s no doubt that Goldblum’s presence brings a unique and magnetic energy to any project he undertakes.