During a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jeremy Clarkson made some interesting comments about his experience with Google and his thoughts on politics. It seems that Clarkson has found a unique way to manipulate search engine results when he doesn’t agree with the news articles that appear at the top of Google’s search page. “When somebody writes a story in a newspaper that you don’t much care for, you just think, ‘I rather that wasn’t sitting at the top of Google’,” Clarkson explained. So, what does he do? He takes to Twitter and starts a rumor about himself. In this case, he jokingly mentioned that he was thinking of standing as an MP against Ed Miliband. This move creates a media frenzy, pushing the original article further down in the search results and highlighting the more entertaining story that Clarkson devised.

While the conversation with Ross initially focused on politics, it quickly shifted to discuss the rise of Nigel Farage and his party, UKIP. Ross asked Clarkson if he saw UKIP as serious competition. Clarkson replied humorously, “I bet you when Nigel Farage read that [rumor], he thought, ‘I’ve got some serious competition’.” However, Clarkson also revealed that he cannot fully support UKIP due to their pro-Brexit stance. As a self-proclaimed “massively pro-European” individual, Clarkson finds it difficult to align with a party whose primary objective is to leave the European Union.

As the interview continued, the topic turned to Clarkson’s love for speed and Italy’s lack of speed limits. When Ross asked about the speed limit in Italy, Clarkson amusingly responded, “There isn’t one.” He then recounted a recent experience where he asked a policeman about the speed limit, only to be told that they were all broken. It seems that Clarkson has taken quite a liking to the Italian way of ignoring speed limits and enjoying the open road.

Ross also took this opportunity to discuss some of Clarkson’s past comments about other countries. Clarkson, known for his humorous jabs, has made his fair share of controversial remarks. Ross shared some of Clarkson’s comments about France and Spain, suggesting they may have caused some offense. Clarkson brushed off the idea, stating that he has always been fond of France and enjoys vacationing there. As for his criticism of paella in Spain, he humorously exclaimed, “When do you have paella? There always seem to be empty shells, you know, voice and muscle shells, but there’s no actual muscles in them.” It’s clear that Clarkson’s sharp sense of humor shines through in these remarks.

The interview ended on a light-hearted note, with Ross showing a clip from the new Top Gear DVD. In the clip, Clarkson is seen enjoying a road trip to Germany. However, Ross couldn’t resist teasing Clarkson about his hearing impairment, to which Clarkson responded, “If you speak clearly, I can hear you.” The banter between the two revealed an enjoyable dynamic that keeps viewers entertained.

Overall, Clarkson’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross show provided a glimpse into his witty and comedic personality. From his clever manipulation of search engine results to his amusing commentary on various countries, Clarkson never fails to entertain. Whether you agree with his views or not, there’s no denying that Jeremy Clarkson knows how to keep audiences engaged.