The Jonathan Ross Show continues to entertain viewers with its charismatic guests and amusing anecdotes. In a recent episode, the chat show welcomed popular celebrities Michelle Keegan and Rob Brydon. The pair engaged in a lively conversation about their experiences working on the show, including the challenges and delights of working with animals.

During the interview, Michelle Keegan revealed that she plays the role of a mother on the show, with a young boy named Tyler as her on-screen son. She expressed her admiration for the young actor, describing him as the most professional member of the cast. Not only does he know his own lines flawlessly, but he also assists his fellow actors if they happen to forget theirs. It’s clear that he brings a level of dedication and skill to the set.

Apart from working with talented child actors, Michelle and Rob also shared their experiences working with animals on the show. The production seems to have a fondness for incorporating various creatures into the storyline. Michelle listed some of the animals they have encountered, including a llama, a bull, an armadillo, a monkey, an emu, and even a skunk. Of course, the list isn’t complete without the inclusion of the usual four-legged friends like dogs and cats. It seems like live animals add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the show.

Rob Brydon humorously mentioned the well-known saying, “Never work with children or animals,” acknowledging that they found themselves doing both on the show. The chaos that ensues from working with animals becomes evident as the actors recall their funny experiences. Rob mentioned a scene in the first series where a trained dog was supposed to hold a prop dildo in its mouth. However, much to everyone’s surprise, the dog refused to do so, resulting in a wasted day on set. Perhaps the prop was too big for the dog’s liking.

Rob, having worked with animals himself, expressed his own reservations. He particularly finds horses intimidating because they can easily be spooked. He shared an anecdote from his experience working on a film where he had to ride horses. As a slightly fearful rider, he found himself clinging to the horse tightly during one particular scene. However, unbeknownst to the viewers, a secret was revealed. In all the horse-riding scenes, there was someone just out of the shot holding the reins. He even admitted that some of the horses in the film were animatronic, adding a touch of movie magic to the screen.

The candid and humorous conversation between Michelle Keegan and Rob Brydon provided viewers with an entertaining glimpse into the behind-the-scenes antics of The Jonathan Ross Show. It’s clear that whether it’s working with talented child actors or navigating the unpredictable nature of animals, the show’s guests always manage to create memorable and laughter-filled moments. So tune in to The Jonathan Ross Show for more fascinating interviews and unexpected surprises.