In a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the host brought his signature energy and humor to entertain viewers once again. Corden kicked off the show by sharing a hilarious anecdote about driving around in a pack of supercars through traffic. He joked about being one of those loud drivers that annoy people in their houses.

The conversation then shifted to gaming, with Corden mentioning a survey that found video games can help players make real-world friends. He humorously imagined introducing these online friends at a wedding, with unique nicknames such as “Death Machine 666.”

The talk show host also discussed the possibility of joining a live circus performance and had a playful exchange with his guest. Corden admitted his inability to perform circus acts but suggested that they could be the “in-between” performers. They even joked about having a French-Canadian vibe, showcasing their playful chemistry.

Moving on to more serious topics, Corden mentioned the ongoing Supreme Court nomination hearings and the hopeful wish for bipartisan support. Not missing a beat, he playfully equated this hope to wanting someone to laugh at a joke, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Corden then lightened the mood again by sharing an amusing survey about pet names. He mentioned that snake owners often face judgment, but he himself had two cats named Eddie and Beetlejuice, which led to a humorous discussion about naming pets and the endless nicknames they acquire over time.

Finally, the host celebrated a special milestone, the show’s seventh anniversary. Corden marked the occasion by surprising the show’s band leader, Reggie Watts, with a personalized car bed as a birthday gift. The excitement and gratitude from Watts were palpable, and the whole interaction was filled with joy and laughter.

As always, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” delivered an entertaining blend of comedy, light-hearted banter, and intriguing discussions. Whether it’s sharing funny anecdotes, engaging with guests, or celebrating milestones, Corden continues to bring a lively and enjoyable experience to his viewers.