The talk show world exploded with excitement when the stars of the highly anticipated movie “King Richard” appeared on The Graham Norton Show. Will Smith, who plays the titular character, went into detail about his experience working on the film. He revealed that Venus and Serena Williams, the real-life tennis legends portrayed in the movie, had to watch the film and give their approval before attaching their names to it. Will nervously waited for their response and was relieved when they came out of the theater in tears, having loved the film. It was a heartwarming moment that showcased the importance of telling the story authentically.

Another guest on the show was Kirsten Dunst, who shared a hilarious story about her encounter with a kangaroo. Contrary to what people might think, the picture of Kirsten with a kangaroo was not taken in Australia. It was actually taken in New York, where she found a traveling kangaroo. Kirsten confessed that the kangaroo stole the limelight from her in the photo, but she still found it adorable. She described the kangaroo as hoppy and playful, especially when it came to getting the bottle of milk she had. It was a lighthearted moment that added some laughter to the talk show.

Ariana DeBose, one of the stars of the new “West Side Story” directed by Steven Spielberg, also appeared on The Graham Norton Show. She talked about her role as Anita and how she embraced the character’s passion for dance. Ariana revealed that her love for dance started at a young age and that she speaks the language of dance better than English. She also shared a personal story about winning a dance competition when she was in high school, which earned her a lifetime supply of free ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It was a fun anecdote that showcased Ariana’s talent and enthusiasm for her craft.

The conversation on the talk show took an unexpected turn when Riz Ahmed, the star of the critically acclaimed film “Sound of Metal,” revealed that he is also a rapper. Riz discussed his experiences with airport security and how his rap lyrics about being stopped at airports have become a reality. He shared humorous and surreal anecdotes about security officials recognizing him and even rapping his own lyrics back to him during airport checks. It was a fascinating insight into Riz’s multifaceted career and the challenges he faces as a person of color in the entertainment industry.

Kenneth Branagh, the director and star of “Belfast,” shared the inspiration behind the film, which is based on his own childhood experiences. He talked about the impact of the pandemic and how it reminded him of the need for human connection, which is a central theme in the movie. He also discussed the casting process and praised Jude Hill, the young actor who played the protagonist, for his talent and natural ability. Kenneth described working with Jude as a joy and even shared a funny story about being teased by the young actor.

The chat show also featured Rooney Mara, who plays a role in the highly anticipated film “Babylon.” Rooney revealed that she got pregnant during the filming, which added a layer of complexity to her role. The production had to work around her pregnancy, but she embraced the challenge and continued to deliver an outstanding performance. It was a testament to her dedication and professionalism as an actress.

Overall, The Graham Norton Show proved once again why it is a favorite among viewers. The lively and entertaining conversations with the 2022 Oscar stars provided a glimpse into their lives and the projects they were involved in. From emotional stories to hilarious anecdotes, the talk show delivered an enjoyable and engaging experience for both the audience and the guests.