On the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show, the guests brought plenty of laughter and entertainment to the chat show. One of the highlights was when Willem Dafoe revealed his love for a household gadget that he misses when he’s away. It turns out that he is a big fan of the Roomba, a robot floor cleaner. He described it as a small round disc, similar to a hoover, that navigates around the house, avoiding walls and changing direction. The audience couldn’t help but chuckle as they pictured the actor’s fascination with the cleaning device.

Next up on the couch was Ethan Hawke, who shared a heartwarming story about his children watching one of his movies. He mentioned that his son didn’t even realize he was in the film until three-quarters of the way through. It seems that sometimes, even celebrities’ children can be oblivious to their parents’ on-screen presence.

Nicole Kidman also made an appearance on the show, and Graham Norton couldn’t help but ask her about her unique Hawaiian name. Kidman explained that she was born in Hawaii and her parents named her after a baby elephant called Hokulani, who was born at the same time. However, there was a bittersweet twist to the story, as it was revealed that Hokulani tragically passed away in the zoo’s moat in 1970.

The conversation took a lighter turn when Harry Melling, known for his role as Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter movies, joined the show. Melling shared his love for The Great British Bake Off and how it became a source of comfort while filming his latest project, Queen’s Gambit. It seems that even Hollywood actors find solace in the world of competitive baking.

The episode also featured a hilarious incident with Richard Easton, who suffered a heart attack during a scene on Broadway. Although it initially caused panic among the cast and crew, Easton managed to recover and return to the play, leaving everyone in awe of his resilience.

As always, The Graham Norton Show provided a perfect mix of laughter, heartwarming stories, and unexpected twists. It’s no wonder why this chat show continues to be a favorite among both celebrities and fans worldwide.