On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mark Wahlberg and Judy Greer joined the host for a hilarious game called “Rad Bod or Dad Bod”. In this game, the guests had to use their skills to determine whether someone had a rad bod or a dad bod, based solely on their face.

First up was Eric, and both Mark and Judy agreed that he was more of a dad bod kind of guy. Eric seemed to enjoy himself and live a balanced life, indulging in tasty treats like beer and burgers. It appears that he’s not spending all his time in the gym, but that’s okay because he’s having fun.

Next in line was Spiro, and there was no doubt in Mark’s mind that he had a rad bod. He had a solid jawline and looked like someone who took great care of himself. Judy seemed to agree, thinking that Spiro popped out at the gym regularly.

Then there was Gordon, who proved to be a tough one. Mark and Judy weren’t sure if he hit the gym or if he was just genetically blessed. Ultimately, they settled on him having a rad bod. The audience was a bit mixed on this one.

Shane was next, and Mark and Judy finally had a difference of opinion. Mark thought Shane had a dad bod, while Judy disagreed and went with rad bod. Shane seemed to dab it up a little when he walked out, adding a fun twist to the game.

Jacob was up next, and there was no denying that he had a dad bod. Unlike the previous contestants, Jacob was not oiled up for his appearance. Mark joked about the lack of oil, emphasizing the importance of oiling everyone up for consistency.

Finally, Six took the stage, and Mark believed he had a rad bod. Six confidently strutted out, revealing a well-toned physique. This time, however, Six was oiled up like the other rad bod contestants, leading to a hilarious moment on stage.

Overall, the game “Rad Bod or Dad Bod” provided many laughs and entertaining moments on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Mark Wahlberg and Judy Greer were great sports, contributing to the lively atmosphere of the show. Don’t miss out on the fun and catch this episode to see who had the raddest bod and who rocked the dad bod!




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