Fans of the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton” were in for a treat when the cast appeared on the popular talk show, The Graham Norton Show. The show, hosted by the charismatic Graham Norton, is known for its entertaining and lively interviews with celebrities, and this episode was no exception.

One of the main attractions of the show was the presence of Regé-Jean Page, who plays the dashing Duke of Hastings in “Bridgerton”. Page spoke about the massive global success of the show, with a staggering 82 million households tuning in to watch the period drama. He described the show as a fun and glamorous take on the traditional period drama, with a refreshing and modern twist.

Page also revealed that he had been working with renowned showrunner Shonda Rhimes prior to landing the role in “Bridgerton”. Rhimes, known for her hit shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”, was impressed with Page’s acting in a previous show and specifically requested him for the role of the Duke. Page shared his gratitude for being able to act in his own accent for the first time in six years, thanks to Rhimes’ support.

Another guest on the show, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington in “Bridgerton”, shared her experience of watching the show during the pandemic. She humorously mentioned that watching beautiful people have a great time while she was stuck at home eating beans in her pajamas wasn’t the best choice for her mental health. However, she appreciated the show’s escapism and emphasized the importance of diverse representation in the series.

A highlight of the show was the hilarious discussion about the various accents and experiences of the cast. Page revealed that he tapped into his British heritage for his role, while Coughlan shared a funny story about her audition, where she channeled an extremely dairy accent inspired by Nadine from Girls Aloud. This led to a conversation about an infamous TV moment involving Nadine, which had the entire panel in stitches.

The discussion also touched on the upcoming second season of “Bridgerton”, set to be released on Netflix in March. Coughlan mentioned that each season of the show focuses on a different book from the “Bridgerton” series by Julia Quinn, with each season featuring different love stories within the ensemble cast. Page teased that there would be plenty of raunchiness in the second season, which excited fans who were captivated by the steamy scenes in the first season.

The talk show also delved into the challenges of filming, including uncomfortable locations and the need for bodyguards to protect valuable sets. Coughlan shared the fun but awkward family conversations that took place after the show’s release, with some family members not quite expecting the explicit nature of the series.

Overall, the interview was filled with laughter, anecdotes, and an infectious enthusiasm for the popular series. The cast of “Bridgerton” brought their charm and wit to The Graham Norton Show, leaving fans excited and eager for more scandalous adventures in the upcoming season.

In conclusion, the talk show appearance of the “Bridgerton” cast on The Graham Norton Show was a delightful and entertaining experience. The cast shared their experiences, humor, and insights, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the return of the hit Netflix series.