In the latest episode of the popular talk show, “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” viewers were treated to a star-studded lineup of guests. Host James Corden excitedly announced the impressive list, which included renowned actor Nicholas Cage, Hollywood legend Jane Fonda, beloved comedy duo Lily Tomlin and Henry Winkler, “Everybody Loves Raymond” star Ray Romano, the hilarious Molly Shannon, “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul, and esteemed scientist Professor Lord Robert Winston.

While the audience in the studio eagerly awaited their arrival, Corden reminded those unable to attend the show in person that full episodes are available for streaming on Paramount Plus. Additionally, fans could catch highlights and clips on the show’s YouTube page. To stay updated on all things “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Corden urged his followers to follow him on Twitter at @LateLateShow.

But Corden didn’t stop there – he playfully listed a variety of social media platforms where fans could engage with him. From Instagram to LinkedIn, Pinterest to Snapchat, and even Venmo, there seemed to be no shortage of ways to connect with the charismatic host. Corden jokingly encouraged his followers to “book” him on when, teach him a dance on TikTok, or warm his feet on thick socks. With his witty charm, Corden cleverly made use of these platforms to create a captivating online presence.

However, amidst the excitement and humor, Corden spun a tale about a daring attempt to get his attention. He described a scenario where an enthusiastic fan decided to mail him a letter, only to realize that he likely receives thousands of letters each year. Determined to stand out, the fan enlisted the help of a skilled team of heist experts, including a con artist, safe cracker, driver, and a greased man nicknamed “Pocketknife.” Together, they executed an audacious plan to place the letter directly on Corden’s desk, hoping for a response.

Weeks turned into months, and the fan anxiously waited for a reply. Nervously watching as “Pocketknife” laughed it up with Corden on the show, it was revealed that “Pocketknife” had pulled a double cross. He had also placed his own letter on Corden’s desk, expressing his desire to direct films. The cunning trickster had gone on to achieve success and even changed his name back to Justin. Feeling betrayed and confused, Corden somehow found it in his heart to offer both the fan and Justin a second chance.

Finally, Corden turned to the fan and asked about the content of the long-awaited letter. With a trembling voice, the fan revealed that the message was a humorous plea: “Hey James, what’s up? Please kidnap One Direction.”

With music from Upside playing in the background, the talk show took a brief break, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what surprises and entertainment would unfold when the show returned.

Making good use of social media, celebrity guests, and Corden’s remarkable storytelling skills, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” continues to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and memorable moments.