On a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the conversation turned to business ideas. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda were guests on the show, and they discussed starting a business together, which sparked a creative discussion among the hosts.

One idea that was thrown around was the “Late Late Show Simulator.” This concept involved creating a three-quarter scale furniture set that is sent to your house for you to build. It would also come with a webcam package that shows the positioning of the camera, as well as a drone camera that mimics the shots used on the show. The whole experience would be automated, allowing you to have your own late-night talk show hosting experience.

James Corden applauded the ambition of this idea, particularly the use of a drone to replace the show’s camera operator Mark. However, he acknowledged that Mark is an integral part of the show and cannot be replaced. Mark’s role is essential, but the idea of a simulated talk show experience was certainly intriguing.

During the conversation, James Corden couldn’t help but notice a statement T-shirt worn by one of the guests. Lily Tomlin sported a shirt with a peace symbol, drawing attention to it. There was a lighthearted discussion about the design and placement of the symbol, adding a touch of humor to the conversation.

Moving on to the news segment of the show, James Corden shared some exciting information from Dr. Anthony Fauci. According to Fauci, America is officially out of the pandemic phase. While this is great news, it’s important to remember that the virus is still lingering and precautions should be taken. Nonetheless, it’s a positive step forward.

In other news, the White House correspondents dinner is set to take place for the first time since 2019, with President Biden and the First Lady attending. However, Dr. Fauci has backed out of the event due to new COVID concerns. James Corden humorously commented on the situation, playfully questioning Fauci’s decision to exit the event and comparing it to Joe Biden’s iconic aviator sunglasses moment.

Shifting gears to a local news story, Southern California has declared a water shortage emergency, imposing unprecedented water restrictions starting in June. Residents will be limited to watering lawns and washing cars only one day per week. James Corden added a touch of witty commentary, joking that his lawn might have to start enjoying LaCroix sparkling water instead of regular hydration.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn to a recent study that found actors who win an Oscar are more likely to live longer. This interesting finding sparked jokes about planning for Meryl Streep’s 300th birthday and how Tony award winners live life to the fullest.

Adding some light-hearted fun to the show, James Corden showcased a new cereal by Tropicana that is meant to be eaten with orange juice instead of milk. The hosts expressed their skepticism about the unusual combination and amusingly stated that they would rather eat the box or even a human hand instead of the cereal itself.

Finally, in a quirky news story, the “Penguin Post Office” in Antarctica is hiring remote workers to sort mail, sell postage stamps, and live among penguins. James Corden drew playful parallels between the isolated, communication-limited post office and his workplace, joking about working in a building from the 1950s with limited internet access and longhand scripts.

To wrap up the show, James Corden shared a viral video of a British man driving on the freeway when he looked into his side-view mirror and spotted a snake, or “adder,” next to him. The hosts humorously discussed their surprise at the presence of snakes on the freeway, with James Corden admitting he never uses wing mirrors when driving.

The episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” was filled with entertaining conversations, humorous banter, and intriguing business ideas. The engaging discussions and lighthearted moments kept viewers entertained throughout the show, making it another enjoyable episode of this popular talk show.