Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda had the audience in stitches during their recent appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” The talk show, known for its lively and entertaining interviews, provided the perfect platform for these two iconic actresses to showcase their wit and charm.

During the interview, Corden congratulated Tomlin on her recent hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Tomlin expressed her happiness and shared how the event made her feel like she truly belonged. Fonda, ever the jokester, couldn’t help but tease Tomlin about her recent habit of “walking all over” her. The playful banter between the two kept the audience laughing throughout.

One interesting tidbit that came out during the interview was that Tomlin and Fonda share a trailer while working on the show “Grace & Frankie.” Fonda humorously described the experience, mentioning how she could hear everything through the thin wall separating their spaces. Tomlin, on the other hand, jokingly accused Fonda of making everyone on her side laugh uncontrollably. The camaraderie and playfulness between the two actresses was evident throughout the interview.

Fonda, known for her dry humor, shared how her sense of humor had evolved over the years. She attributed it to her marriage to Ted Turner, who taught her not to care about making a fool of herself. This newfound freedom allowed Fonda to lighten up and embrace her humorous side. Meanwhile, Tomlin praised Fonda for always responding in a way that made people laugh, while Fonda credited Tomlin for having a natural knack for comedy.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Corden mentioned a recent film that Tomlin and Fonda had worked on with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Fonda expressed her admiration for Brady as a scene partner, although she jokingly mentioned that she didn’t have any scenes with him. Tomlin, on the other hand, couldn’t help but tease Fonda about Brady sending her bigger flowers than he sent Fonda.

The interview ended on a high note with Corden promising the audience some life advice from Tomlin and Fonda in the next segment. The dynamic duo’s charm, chemistry, and quick wit throughout the interview left the audience eagerly awaiting their words of wisdom.

Overall, Tomlin and Fonda’s appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” was a delightful and entertaining experience for viewers. Their ability to make each other and the audience laugh effortlessly showcased their comedic genius. From playful banter to hilarious anecdotes, the interview was a true testament to the entertainment value that talk shows like “The Late Late Show” bring to their viewers.