Dakota Fanning recently appeared on **The Late Late Show with James Corden** and the conversation was nothing short of entertaining. The talk show host, Corden, wasted no time in asking Fanning about her thoughts on the dating segment that had been featured on the show. Fanning admitted that she thought Amy had made the right choice but couldn’t help but comment on how cutthroat the segment was.

The discussion then shifted to Fanning’s personal life and her love for Miami. Fanning revealed that she thrives in Miami and enjoys the laid-back atmosphere of the city. She mentioned that she doesn’t get hungover and can party all night long without any issues. Corden jokingly pointed out that one can’t get hungover if they don’t stop drinking.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Fanning revealed that she had recently been to Miami for her friend’s bachelorette party. She shared how the party coincided with her friend’s birthday and described the weekend as “wild.” Fanning explained that the group went to the biggest nightclub in the United States and even teased the appearance of rapper Rick Ross. However, Ross didn’t live up to their expectations and didn’t even pop open the champagne bottle that he had.

Despite spending a wild weekend in Miami, Fanning admitted that she hadn’t spent much time in the city before. Being English herself, she also addressed the subject of her accent and whether she felt she had lost it after living in America for so long. Fanning mentioned that her grandfather often comments on her accent and that she has developed a mixed accent due to her experiences in both England and the United States. She also shared funny anecdotes about people not understanding her when she first moved to America.

Towards the end of their conversation, Corden congratulated Fanning on her latest project, a limited series called **”The First Lady”**. Fanning plays Susan Ford, the daughter of Betty Ford and President Gerald Ford. The series centers around the stories of three first ladies, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Viola Davis, and Gillian Anderson portraying other leading roles. Fanning expressed her excitement about working with Michelle Pfeiffer again, as they had previously worked together when she was just a child.

Overall, Dakota Fanning‘s appearance on **The Late Late Show with James Corden** was filled with lively and engaging conversation. Fanning’s charming personality and humorous anecdotes kept the audience entertained throughout the interview. It’s clear that Fanning thrives both on and off the screen, making her a delightful guest on any talk show.