Tom Cruise was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the conversation was filled with fun and exciting anecdotes. One of the highlights of the talk show was when Monica Barbaro shared her experience of meeting Tom for the first time. She admitted that she wasn’t usually star-struck, but when she saw Tom, she suddenly couldn’t feel her legs. Tom, being the charming and charismatic person he is, shook everyone’s hand before reaching Monica. When he looked into her eyes, she forgot her own name. Despite her nervousness, Monica managed to impress Tom with her talent and presence on the set of their movie.

The discussion then shifted to their off-screen adventures. Tom revealed that during a visit to London, he asked James if he could land his helicopter in his yard. Although James was skeptical, they ended up meeting for dinner instead. Tom even shared stories of landing his helicopter in people’s yards and fields across England. One time, he landed on a family’s land in Warwickshire, and they were thrilled to have Tom Cruise in their backyard. Imagine having tea with Tom Cruise as he lands his helicopter!

The conversation took an interesting turn when James asked Tom about the various licenses he possesses. To everyone’s surprise, Tom has licenses for airplanes, jets, motorcycles, parachutes, boats, scuba diving, and even real estate. It seems like there’s nothing Tom can’t drive or fly!

Moving on to the highly anticipated movie, Top Gun: Maverick, James congratulated Tom on finally releasing the film after 36 years. Tom expressed his excitement for the movie and praised Monica Barbaro for her incredible performance as a female fighter pilot. He mentioned the intense training the cast underwent, including water training to simulate emergency ejector scenarios over water.

With practical action scenes and real flying involved, the training was demanding, but Monica impressed everyone with her resilience and lack of motion sickness. Tom explained how he prepared the actors, not just for their acting performances but also for the technical aspects of capturing the action in the aircraft.

As the interview wrapped up, Tom shared his appreciation for the entire cast and how their efforts made Top Gun: Maverick a nostalgic yet fresh experience. The movie, which seamlessly continues the story of Maverick as a test pilot and instructor, promises to be emotional and action-packed.

To celebrate the movie’s release, Dolby gifted each audience member with two tickets to see Top Gun: Maverick in Dolby Cinema. The audience erupted with excitement as they were treated to an exclusive clip from the film, showcasing intense aerial scenes and the camaraderie between the characters.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to hit theaters on May 27th, and fans are eagerly anticipating an exhilarating and visually stunning ride. Don’t miss out on the high-flying action and the impressive performances by Tom Cruise, Monica Barbaro, and the entire cast. Buckle up and get ready for an adrenaline-packed movie experience that will leave you breathless.