In a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the host shared some exciting news with his audience. He announced that the show will be heading back to London for a week of shows in the last week of June. This announcement was met with great enthusiasm from both the audience and Corden himself.

But before getting into the details of the upcoming London shows, Corden couldn’t resist sharing some amusing anecdotes and witty remarks. He recalled the Biden administration’s plan to increase access to affordable high-speed internet for underprivileged households. While he expressed mixed feelings about it, Corden hilariously admitted that the downside would be facing more teenagers on FIFA who would call him a “donkey ass” whenever they beat him.

Moving on, Corden segued to the topic of Rebel Wilson‘s new movie, “Senior Year,” which presented the perfect opportunity for a unique Late Late Show event. Corden decided to crown a prom king on the show, sparking a wave of excitement and competitive spirits among the participants. Corden’s sense of humor shone through as he joked about some of the contestants and the preparations he had made for the event.

The segment continued with entertaining footage of the prom king competition, including hilarious moments with cupcakes and overzealous candidates vying for the crown. Eventually, the finalists were revealed, and the ultimate winner was crowned amid applause and celebration.

In a lighthearted conversation, Corden and his guest, Nick Kroll, discussed their high school experiences. Reflecting on his own time in high school, Corden expressed his love for the experience and admitted to doing just enough work while still enjoying the perks of being on the football team. The conversation took an amusing turn as Corden shared anecdotes about being the “big fat guy” on the team and his genuine enjoyment of that role.

The conversation then shifted to another guest, Michael Bublé, who revealed an interesting story about a hit song on his latest album. Bublé shared that the song was co-written with his eight-year-old son, Noah. It started with Noah casually mentioning a few lyrics, which Bublé found surprisingly catchy. Together with songwriter Ryan Tedder, they transformed Noah’s spontaneous words into a hit song. Bublé humorously recounted a conversation he had with his wife, wherein Noah’s first question upon hearing about the song was about the amount of money he would make.

Corden, always ready for a lively conversation, playfully engaged in a debate about the quality of candy in the UK versus America. He expressed his opinion that American chocolate falls short while emphasizing his love for British sweets. This banter provided a comical exchange between Corden and his guests, highlighting their good-natured camaraderie.

In a segment called “The Real Deal or Real Debbie,” Corden involved audience members who had intriguing personal stories. They each shared something personal about themselves, while two of them were lying and one was telling the truth. The audience was left guessing and entertained by the amusing and surprising tales shared during this segment.

Before concluding the show, Corden shared the big news again, expressing his excitement about the upcoming London shows. He playfully bantered with audience members from London, jokingly offering them a spot in the audience and adding fun and energy to the atmosphere.

With another memorable episode filled with entertaining segments and laughs, “The Late Late Show with James Corden” continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of comedy, celebrity interviews, and witty banter. Be sure to tune in for the London shows in the last week of June and catch all the exciting moments as Corden takes his talk show across the pond.