Jenna Dewan, the talented actress and dancer, recently made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. During her interview, she discussed various topics including her experience working on one of Ciara‘s music videos and her love for dancing.

Jenna reminisced about her time working with Ciara, expressing her awe for Ciara‘s incredible dancing skills. She also mentioned how she had the opportunity to freestyle dance in the pouring rain for the video, showcasing the unique experiences dancers often have in their line of work.

Another guest on the show was Ciara herself, who spoke about her recent performances in Las Vegas. She mentioned how it was the first time all three of her children had the chance to watch her perform. Ciara proudly shared that her children were amazed by her talent and even used the word “awesome” to describe it. Watching her children react positively to her performance was a heartwarming moment for Ciara.

The conversation then shifted to Jenna’s interest in spirituality. Jenna openly admitted her fascination with crystals and her belief in a higher power. She shared an anecdote about taking her daughter to witness a lunar eclipse, emphasizing the influence parents have on their children. Jenna’s daughter surprised her by meditating and connecting with the moon, leaving Jenna in awe of the bond they share.

As the discussion continued, the topic veered towards Ciara‘s husband, football player Russell Wilson. Jenna praised Russell’s football skills before the conversation turned playful, with James Corden showing a clip of Jenna catching a football thrown by Russell. Jenna jokingly expressed how fast the ball came at her, demonstrating Russell’s impressive throwing abilities.

Lastly, Jenna discussed her role as a judge on the dance competition show, Come Dance with Me. She explained that the show features amateur parents dancing with their expert-level kids. Throughout the competition, families bond and develop their dancing skills, creating heartwarming and entertaining performances.

Jenna’s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden was filled with laughter, heartfelt stories, and impressive talents. From her experiences working with Ciara to her love for dancing and spirituality, Jenna provided an entertaining and lively interview for viewers to enjoy.