The Graham Norton Show recently featured a star-studded lineup with guests including actors from the hit show ‘Downton Abbey.’ The talk show, known for its entertaining and engaging conversations, provided viewers with an inside look into the lives of these celebrities.

One of the topics discussed on the show was the impact of ‘Downton Abbey‘ on the actors’ lives. During the conversation, it was revealed that some of the actors, such as actress Sophie McShera, who played Mrs. Patmore, didn’t expect the level of fame that came with being part of the beloved television series. McShera shared a funny anecdote about being recognized by a little boy at a grocery store, showcasing how ‘Downton Abbey‘ had made an indelible mark on her public persona.

The conversation also touched on the show’s widespread popularity, particularly in America. It was mentioned that Americans can be enthusiastic fans and are not afraid to approach celebrities in public. However, it was revealed that the actors try to limit their public appearances to avoid being bombarded by fans. Interestingly, it was mentioned that the actual Queen of England is rumored to be a fan of ‘Downton Abbey,’ although she is also said to enjoy watching other shows like ‘Midsummer Murder.’

The discussion then turned to the end of ‘Downton Abbey‘ and how the actors felt about the show’s conclusion. Overall, the cast expressed a sense of satisfaction with the series ending, as it allowed them to move on to other projects. Actress Phyllis Logan, who played Mrs. Hughes, mentioned that her character was getting too old to realistically continue on the show. The actors seemed grateful for their time on ‘Downton Abbey‘ but were also excited for new opportunities.

Aside from ‘Downton Abbey,’ other topics were covered on the show. Hugh Bonneville, who portrayed Lord Grantham, was asked about his appearance on the popular car show ‘Top Gear.’ His appearance caused quite the stir when viewers noticed his seemingly unusual choice of lipstick. Bonneville clarified that he wasn’t actually wearing lipstick but that the lighting and adrenaline caused his lips to turn a different color. The conversation led to lighthearted banter and laughter among the guests and the host.

Overall, the episode of The Graham Norton Show featuring the ‘Downton Abbey‘ actors provided viewers with entertaining and insightful conversations. The Graham Norton Show has a knack for bringing together notable celebrities and creating an enjoyable and engaging atmosphere for both guests and viewers alike. With its lively discussions and amusing anecdotes, the talk show continues to entertain and captivate audiences week after week.