The Graham Norton Show is known for its hilarious moments and entertaining celebrity interviews. In one episode, actor Chris Pratt made an appearance and stole the show with his wit and charm. From sharing stories about his early days in LA to showcasing his impressive talent as a magician, Pratt had the audience and his fellow guests in stitches.

One of the standout moments from the episode was when Pratt talked about his early days in LA as a struggling actor. He recalled needing headshots but being completely broke. While at the post office, he encountered a photographer who recognized him and offered to do his headshots for free. Pratt humorously described how the photographer helped him look presentable and directed the photoshoot from his top-floor apartment. The audience had a good laugh as they saw the embarrassing result of Pratt’s first headshot.

Pratt also shared a heartwarming and amusing story about his son and his unique parenting rules. Pratt and his son enjoy fishing, and they have a special rule that allows them to swear while fishing. Pratt recounted a moment when his son caught a fish, dropped it, and hurt his hand. In tears, his son asked for permission to swear, and Pratt obliged. The audience couldn’t help but find the innocence and honesty of children hilarious.

But Pratt’s talents don’t end at acting and storytelling. He revealed that he has a knack for doing impersonations, especially one that surprised the British audience. Pratt’s wife introduced him to the reality TV show “The Only Way Is Essex,” also known as TOWIE, which quickly became a guilty pleasure for them. Upon hearing the accent, Pratt effortlessly mimicked the characters from the show to the delight of the audience. His spot-on impression left everyone in stitches and eagerly wanting to watch the show.

In addition to his comedic prowess, Pratt showcased his skills as a magician. With a borrowed deck of cards, he performed a card trick for, another guest on the show. Pratt shuffled the cards and involved in picking a card and placing it back in the deck. With a mix of humor and anticipation, Pratt attempted to find‘s card through a series of shuffles. Despite the trick not going as planned, Pratt’s comedic timing and charm kept the audience entertained.

Overall, Chris Pratt‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show was a hit. From sharing hilarious anecdotes to showcasing his talents as a magician, Pratt kept the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the episode. It’s no wonder that he is a favorite guest on talk shows and continues to charm fans around the world.