President Bill Clinton recently made an appearance on the popular talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he discussed the pressing issue of gun safety. The former president, who passed an assault weapons ban during his time in office, shared his insights and thoughts on the current state of gun control in America.

During the interview, President Clinton highlighted the challenge of reaching a consensus on gun safety measures in the United States. He acknowledged that while there is an overwhelming majority in favor of sensible gun control, the strength of the gun culture poses a significant obstacle. According to him, there are more people against taking action on gun safety than those in favor, making it a difficult issue to address.

President Clinton emphasized that understanding the mindset of gun owners is crucial to finding a solution. He mentioned that many gun owners are inherently suspicious of government and fear losing their rights. He recounted a personal anecdote of how he supported background checks early in his political career, only to face resistance from gun owners who believed he would take away their firearms.

To effectively tackle the issue, President Clinton urged the audience not to run away from it. He shared his experience of the arduous battle to pass the assault weapons ban, which faced opposition from the speaker of the house. Despite the challenges, he emphasized that if Americans want to see progress on gun safety, it must become a voting issue.

While President Clinton acknowledged that the recent tentative deal on gun safety reached by the Senate is not perfect, he highlighted its significance. He explained that implementing red flag laws, which enable authorities to take temporary possession of firearms from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others, would be a step forward. He argued that the proof of the effectiveness of such measures can be seen in the decrease in school shootings and mass shootings during the previous assault weapons ban.

President Clinton also emphasized the importance of dialogue and understanding between opposing sides. He encouraged individuals to have conversations rather than talking down to one another. He stressed the need to listen to gun owners’ concerns and engage them in finding common ground. President Clinton believes that building trust and empathy can lead to meaningful progress on gun safety.

James Corden asked President Clinton about his positive outlook amidst the seemingly dark times. President Clinton responded by expressing his optimism, citing his observations of children and grandchildren growing up. He believes that if children have a fair chance to develop into the people they ought to be, then there is hope for a brighter future. However, President Clinton also acknowledged the potential dangers to the country’s democratic structure, urging vigilance and standing up for values without responding to hatred with hatred.

President Bill Clinton‘s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden sparked important conversations about gun safety and the challenges of achieving progress on this issue. His insights shed light on the complexities surrounding gun control in America, encouraging individuals to approach the topic with empathy and a commitment to finding common ground. The interview served as a reminder that open dialogue and understanding are crucial for addressing this pressing concern in our society.