Ellen Degeneres is always looking for new ways to stay connected with her audience and keep up with the latest trends. In a recent episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” she took a trip to the mall to do just that.

Ellen started off by expressing how she doesn’t get to go out as much as she would like to now that she has her talk show. But she realizes the importance of staying in touch with what’s going on in society, which is why she decided to visit a mall – a microcosm of society itself.

As she walked around the mall, Ellen interacted with various shoppers and salespeople, trying to get a sense of what people were doing and what they were wearing. From helping someone find a spring dress to asking a salesperson about clothes for kids, Ellen’s genuine curiosity and playful banter kept things lively and entertaining.

One memorable moment was when Ellen met Tiffany, who informed her about the importance of wearing sunblock every day. Ellen humorously questioned whether the hole in the ozone layer or global warming could be to blame, showcasing her comedic chops and ability to tackle any topic with charisma.

Throughout her mall adventure, Ellen learned about engraving services, tried on different outfits, and even had a brief encounter with balloon animals. She tested a shoe by hitting it against the floor, proving her eagerness to explore every aspect of the mall experience.

As the segment came to an end, Ellen received a call from Christina at Things Remembered, letting her know that her award statue was ready for pickup. Always one for surprises, Ellen left the audience wondering what the statue was for, teasing a future segment with Lindsay Lohan.

Ellen’s trip to the mall showcased her ability to connect with people from all walks of life in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Whether she was offering fashion advice or engaging in playful conversations, Ellen’s genuine interest in others shone through, making for an enjoyable watch on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

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Originally aired on May 6, 2004