On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, viewers were treated to an exciting segment called “Ask A President” with none other than President Bill Clinton. This chat show never fails to bring in the biggest names in entertainment and this episode was no exception.

During the segment, the staff at The Late Late Show had burning questions that only someone with presidential experience could answer. President Clinton graciously agreed to provide his insights, making for an engaging and enlightening conversation.

First up was Nick Bernstein, the Senior Vice President of Late Night. With a touch of humor, Nick asked President Clinton what makes a good leader – someone who compromises or someone who yells. Unsurprisingly, the former president’s response was a blend of both. He emphasized the importance of knowing how to compromise and when to raise one’s voice, suggesting that effective leadership requires a balance of both approaches.

Next, Olivia, a writer on the show, voiced her disappointment at the absence of a female president thus far. President Clinton sympathized with her sentiment and expressed his hope that a woman would hold the highest office during our lifetimes. He shared his belief that the United States will continue to become more diverse in its leadership and expressed optimism about seeing a woman president in the near future.

Winnie, another member of The Late Late Show team, sought the president’s advice on going vegan. Specifically, she wanted to know which plant-based milk is the best. President Clinton humorously replied that while oat milk is often regarded as the healthiest option, his personal preference is almond milk. He quipped about his fondness for almond milk, jokingly adding that his favorite plant-based drink was vodka.

Even the show’s host, James Corden himself, couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. James asked President Clinton an entertaining question: who is his favorite fictional president? The former president listed a range of memorable characters, including Tony GoHan, Martin Sheen from “The West Wing,” Michael Douglas from “The American President,” Harrison Ford from “Air Force One,” and Morgan Freeman. He even mentioned Donald Trump, eliciting laughter from the audience.

The conversation concluded on a positive note, with James Corden expressing gratitude to President Clinton for his participation in the segment. The engagement between the staff and the former president showcased the unique blend of entertainment and insight that The Late Late Show is known for.

As always, The Late Late Show with James Corden delivered an unforgettable episode, bringing audiences closer to a former president and providing them with interesting and thought-provoking conversations. Whether it’s interviewing current stars or engaging with influential figures from the past, this talk show always finds a way to entertain and inform its viewers.