Alanis Morissette made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show in 2004, and it was nothing short of lively and entertaining. The conversation between Alanis and Ellen was filled with humor, laughter, and a genuine connection between the two celebrities.

Ellen, always known for her witty banter, complimented Alanis on her appearance, mentioning how great she looked and how much she liked her hair. Alanis graciously thanked Ellen and mentioned that she liked her hair a lot as well. The conversation took a playful turn when Ellen commented on how Alanis’ hair resembled her own cute hair. Alanis jokingly responded that she was using Ellen as her model, which drew laughter from the audience.

The conversation then shifted to a funny moment from a year ago when Ellen tried to convince Alanis to cut her hair. A clip was played where Ellen playfully offered to cut Alanis’ hair, resulting in a lighthearted exchange between the two. Alanis shared that she was initially hesitant to cut her hair, but one day she woke up on a whim and decided it was time for a change. She cut off a significant portion of her hair, and while it was traumatic at first, she continued cutting it during her tour in Europe until she felt it was time to stop.

Ellen marveled at Alanis’ dedication to her new look, comparing it to her initial hairstyle. Alanis revealed that she actually cut only the right side of her hair at first, which devastated her parents. They insisted on cutting the other side as well, leading to a significant imbalance in hair length. Alanis humorously referred to it as the “Flock of Seagulls” look, indicating that it was her parents’ attachment to her long hair that contributed to her fear of cutting it.

The conversation took a sudden turn when Alanis mentioned that her dog had peed in Ellen’s dressing room. She expressed her shock and shared that she usually reprimands her dog for misbehaving, but in that moment, she was too speechless to react. Ellen and the audience couldn’t help but laugh at the amusing incident.

The interview continued with a discussion about monster trucks and how Alanis had developed an unexpected interest in them. She confessed that she was initially apprehensive until she heard the powerful sound they made. Ellen shared the same feeling of fear and exhilaration, mentioning her desire to put on the monster truck suit. The conversation then playfully shifted to their fashion choices, with Ellen complimenting Alanis’ pink outfit and Alanis returning the compliment.

As the segment came to a close, Ellen showered Alanis with praise, expressing her admiration for her writing and songs. She enthusiastically announced that everyone in the audience would receive a copy of Alanis’ new album and that viewers could purchase it on their website.

This lively and entertaining interview between Ellen Degeneres and Alanis Morissette showcased their effortless chemistry and humor. It was a memorable moment on The Ellen Degeneres Show that left the audience laughing and appreciating both the talents of Alanis Morissette and the charismatic hosting of Ellen Degeneres.

Originally aired on May 25, 2004