Recently, The Graham Norton Show hosted a star-studded lineup that had viewers in fits of laughter. The episode featured legendary actor Jackie Chan alongside Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman. The chemistry between these icons was undeniable, with hilarious anecdotes and playful banter filling the room.

Norton kicked off the show by asking Chan and De Niro why they hadn’t collaborated more often. Chan humorously replied, “I haven’t done that once… I’m very similar. I’m sitting on my hands, going ‘Jackie Chan.’ I’m not doing that!” De Niro chimed in, saying that everyone tends to go for Jackie Chan impressions rather than recognizing his own name. The audience got a kick out of this playful exchange, highlighting the camaraderie between the two actors.

Chan also shared a humorous encounter he had with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. He recalled how he struggled with the protocol of addressing the Queen appropriately. His story had viewers laughing at the antics of trying to navigate royal etiquette.

The conversation continued to flow effortlessly, with De Niro recounting his experience with the Queen at an event. He hilariously described how she seemed to glide around like she was on rollerblades and even questioned whether she might have been on casters. De Niro’s impression of the Queen left the audience in stitches.

The talk show also delved into other celebrity encounters with the Queen. Norton shared his own experience of meeting Her Majesty, discussing the nervousness and pressure to curtsy correctly. He fondly described the Queen as a great comedian, as all she sees are people fawning and laughing at her every word.

Chan’s encounter with the Queen during a visit to Hong Kong also had its fair share of amusing moments. He recalled the confusion of not understanding her instructions and feeling flustered in her presence. The audience couldn’t help but laugh along as Chan hilariously portrayed his frustration.

The episode took a lighthearted turn when Norton brought up the Queen’s visit to the set of Game of Thrones. The picture of the Queen unimpressed amidst the fantasy setting had everyone chuckling. It was evident that even the Queen couldn’t resist the allure of such a popular show.

The conversation kept the audience engaged with each revelation. From meeting the Queen to receiving knighthoods and other honors, the celebrities shared their amusing encounters, leaving viewers thoroughly entertained.

As the show wrapped up, Norton asked McGregor about his recent recognition with an MBE (Member of the British Empire). The actor candidly shared that he turned down a knighthood, albeit in a humorous manner, making the audience laugh once again.

Overall, The Graham Norton Show delivered another memorable episode filled with laughter and captivating stories. The chemistry between the celebrities invited a jovial atmosphere, showcasing the best of these iconic individuals. With their lighthearted banter and funny anecdotes, the talk show left audiences eagerly awaiting the next star-studded episode.