Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch recently made an appearance on the hit talk show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and they certainly know how to bring the fun and entertainment.

The segment started off with some energetic music and applause as Corden introduced the guests. Taylor Kitsch, who plays Ben Edwards in “The Terminal List,” and Chris Pratt, who plays James Reese in the same series, entered the stage to a rousing welcome from the audience.

But what caught everyone’s attention was when the music kicked in again, and the two actors unleashed their dance moves. With impressive coordination and infectious energy, they got the whole audience on their feet and dancing along. It was a sight to behold!

After catching their breath, Corden commented on the festive mood, mentioning that the party vibes were still in the air due to Pratt’s recent birthday celebration. Pratt revealed that he had been celebrating his birthday week and even shared his unconventional birthday plans, which included golfing. And to everyone’s surprise, Pratt had his best round ever, shooting an impressive 85. Now, that’s worth celebrating!

As the conversation continued, Kitsch also shared a fascinating story about his new home in Montana. Being passionate about wildlife photography, he revealed that he had encountered grizzly bears on his adventures. He described an intense encounter with three bears, just yards away from him and his friends. It’s undoubtedly a heart-pounding experience that only adds to Kitsch’s adventurous lifestyle.

Interestingly, Pratt and Kitsch found common ground when they revealed that both of them had lived in their cars at some point in their lives. Kitsch reminisced about his early days in Los Angeles, where he relied on his Pontiac Firefly as his living quarters. He even shared a clever tip for finding suitable sleeping spots, seeking out streets without streetlights. Resourceful indeed!

Pratt, on the other hand, mentioned his time as a bartender. But rather than being a skillful mixologist, he admitted to being more of a fun-loving bartender, often favoring free drinks and friendly banter over organizational skills. He humorously recounted an incident involving a customer who looked and sounded exactly like his mom, ordering his mom’s favorite drink, a white Russian. Praising the uncanny resemblance, Pratt offered the customer free drinks throughout the night. However, things took a hilarious turn when the customer ended up projectile vomiting all over the bar. Talk about a memorable bartending experience!

All in all, Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch‘s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden was nothing short of entertaining. From their impressive dance moves to sharing intriguing stories, they kept the audience engaged and left everyone with a smile on their faces. It was a chat show moment filled with laughter, fun anecdotes, and a glimpse into the lives of two talented actors.