In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, two Hollywood icons, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett, shared some interesting and hilarious stories. The chat show, known for its entertaining celebrity anecdotes, never disappoints in delivering memorable moments.

During the show, Winslet and Blanchett reminisced about their early careers and the first play they acted in together, Blues for an Alabama Sky. Winslet shared a funny story about their on-stage kiss, revealing that Blanchett once surprised her with a French kiss during a performance. The young Winslet was taken aback and sought advice from Coleman Domingo, who played a role in the play as well. Domingo assured her that French kissing on stage was not the norm.

The conversation then led to discussing the quirks they have as actors. Blanchett confessed that she has some eccentricities, even though she is not as extreme as the characters she plays. Winslet chimed in, saying she doesn’t have many rituals, apart from using stickers on her script for organization. Blanchett joked about scratch-and-sniff stickers, mentioning one script page that smelled like orange and banana.

While discussing superstitions, Blanchett admitted to having a few, including a ritual involving itching the nose and touching the bum to ward off anger. Winslet joined in, sharing her ritual of holding her breath when the airplane she is on starts to taxi off. She explained that the more she flies, the more she becomes apprehensive about flying, leading her to hold her breath until the plane levels out.

The conversation took a turn when the topic of soccer came up. Both Winslet and Blanchett shared their love for the sport, with Blanchett supporting Aston Villa and Winslet being a Manchester United fan. Winslet even had the chance to meet Marcus Rashford and receive a gift during one of her visits to Old Trafford.

The highlight of the show came when Winslet pointed out the striking resemblance between Blanchett and Norton. While Norton tried to downplay the comparison, the audience agreed, and it became a lighthearted moment filled with laughter.

Blanchett also shared an amusing story about the time she was cast in the TV series Broadchurch and was the only person who knew who the culprit was from the very beginning. However, due to a miscommunication, the showrunners had to ask her to keep it a secret, even from her fellow actors. It turned out to be a challenging task, especially when many people praised the show and urged her to watch it.

The episode ended on a hilarious note when Winslet recounted a memorable and embarrassing moment while filming the movie “Holy Smoke.” In one scene, her character had to urinate, and Winslet had to use a special apparatus attached to her hair to mimic the act. However, things didn’t go quite as planned, resulting in a messy and comical situation.

The Graham Norton Show continues to entertain viewers with its brilliant guest lineup and memorable stories. This particular episode with Winslet and Blanchett showcased their wit, charm, and ability to share humorous anecdotes, making it a must-watch for fans of the talk show and these beloved celebrities.