Now, this wasn’t your typical tea time chat. Instead of sipping on a nice cup of English Breakfast, the duo had a variety of British delicacies and homemade versions of classic teas in front of them. And let’s just say, these treats were anything but appetizing. From cabbage-infused Irish breakfast tea to flaming hot scones with extra chilies, it was a gastronomic adventure that promised to go hilariously wrong.

As James explained the rules of the game, Billie had a mixture of excitement and regret in her eyes. She admitted that she had always wanted to do this segment but was now feeling a tad scared. James gave her a piece of advice – don’t smell any of it. But alas, it was too late. Billie could already smell the unmistakable aroma of an onion. Yes, one of the treats was a whole raw onion, and it was just the beginning.

Despite her initial hesitations, Billie bravely chose to answer the questions rather than sample the unappetizing treats. And when James asked her if she had ever kissed a famous person, Billie’s answer was a resounding “no.” But wait, there was more to the question. James wanted to know who that famous person was, and the suspense was palpable. Billie’s reaction was priceless – she was literally shaking at the thought of revealing this juicy detail. Eventually, she decided to keep mum, preferring to eat the putrid peas profiterole instead.

But the tables soon turned, and it was James’ turn to face the music. Billie got to choose what he would eat, and she didn’t hold back. From a congealed scotch egg with a raw onion and a hot mustard center to a truly bizarre concoction of stewed tomatoes, beans, mushroom gravy, and vegan tuna, James had his fair share of cringe-worthy moments. As he sputtered and grimaced through each bite, the audience couldn’t help but laugh at his discomfort.

But it wasn’t just about the gross-out factor. In between bites, James managed to squeeze in some interesting questions for Billie. He delved into her famously private love life, asking if she had ever kissed a famous person. This time, Billie gave a straightforward answer – no. And when James asked about the possibility of another season of “Gavin and Stacy,” his hit show, Billie was relieved that she could answer without having to eat anything disgusting.

Throughout the segment, the chemistry between James and Billie was evident. They shared laughs, gasps, and even some heartfelt moments. And as they dug into each bizarre tea-time treat, their reactions became more animated and the audience couldn’t help but be entertained by their infectious energy.

So, if you’re a fan of the “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” you definitely don’t want to miss this episode. It’s a rollercoaster of laughs, cringes, and surprising revelations. James Corden and Billie Eilish proved once again that they know how to entertain and keep us hooked from start to finish. So grab a cup of tea (preferably not the ones they had during the segment) and enjoy this hilarious episode of “Spill the Tea.”