During his recent appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, comedian Demetri Martin showcased his artistic talents, much to the delight of the audience. Last time Martin visited the show, he impressed everyone with his drawings, and this time was no different.

Martin began by expressing his dedication to improving his artistic abilities, and he certainly seemed to have taken a step up since his last visit. With a hint of modesty, he unveiled his collection of professional drawings, ensuring the audience that he wasn’t trying to show off.

The first piece he presented was a beautifully rendered illustration of a cinnamon roll or, as Martin humorously referred to it, a “dog go roll.” The attention to detail was evident, and it was clear that Martin’s artistic skills had evolved.

Next up was a nature drawing, showcasing a group of drunk ants. Although the subject matter was peculiar, Martin’s study and attention to even the tiniest details were impressive.

Continuing to display his range as an artist, Martin revealed a magician’s to-do list, which offered a glimpse into the whimsical world of magic.

However, Martin’s drawings weren’t limited to lighthearted topics. He presented a poignant piece, a close-up of an albino, which required significant effort and dedication.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing works was a drawing depicting a dead watchmaker who had been cremated and placed in an hourglass, fulfilling his final request. This piece delved into more conceptual themes, showcasing Martin’s ability to evoke deeper emotions through his art.

A delightful surprise in Martin’s collection was a tribute to New York: a hipster clown nose. It was a playful nod to the city that Martin admitted he missed dearly.

Amidst laughter, Martin revealed another drawing with a tease factor, as one could catch a glimpse of the next artwork emerging through the paper. This bug-toothed vampire, though not particularly menacing due to his dental issues, had perfectly arched eyebrows that added a touch of character.

Perhaps the most unexpected piece in Martin’s collection was a portrait of Osama bin Laden. The sudden shift in tone left the audience both surprised and slightly uncomfortable, a reminder of art’s ability to evoke complex emotions.

As a bonus, Martin shared a clip from a book he had written. Though the content remained a mystery, the audience was intrigued and expressed their eagerness to find out what happens.

Demetri Martin‘s visit to Conan O’Brien‘s talk show was a delightful showcase of his artistic progression and unique sense of humor. From whimsy to introspection, Martin’s drawings captivated the audience, and fans were reminded once again of his undeniable talent.

Although no air date was mentioned for this particular episode, fans can anticipate an entertaining and visually engaging segment with Demetri Martin on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show. Be sure to tune in for a dose of Martin’s creativity and wit!