The Late Late Show with James Corden took an unexpected turn during its recent London edition. As the show kicked off, Corden expressed his love for performing in London and highlighted the incredible crowd that always shows up. Little did he know that his own family had some mischievous plans up their sleeves.

Corden’s parents, who were in attendance that night, created a hilarious and surprising moment that left the audience in stitches. Shortly after the show began, a man named Jim Potter and his wife Carol interrupted the proceedings, claiming there was a mix-up with their seats. Apparently, Corden’s parents were mistakenly seated in their designated spots.

Seemingly unfazed, the couple insisted that they had purchased these seats from a friendly man outside the venue. The man in question, Mike, was quickly identified, confirming their story. It turns out that Corden’s dad, in a well-meaning attempt to pay it forward to some fans, had sold their seats to unsuspecting buyers.

But Jim Potter’s antics didn’t stop there. He apparently took things a step further by setting up a makeshift merchandise booth, selling Late Late Show t-shirts and assorted items. Corden couldn’t hide his disbelief and immediately shut down the unauthorized operation, declaring it was over.

However, the surprises continued to pour in. Corden’s parents were accused of selling backstage tours to eager fans. Despite their initial denial, it was soon revealed that they had been profiting from these unauthorized tours. In a moment of relief, Corden’s dad assured his son that he hadn’t sold any tours to Tom Cruise or any other A-list celebrities.

As the episode went on, the backstage chaos unfolded. Strangers were found occupying Corden’s dressing room, having purchased the platinum dressing room experience from his sisters. Corden couldn’t help but be exasperated at the whole situation, asking Ruth and Andrea to vacate his private space immediately.

In a moment of comic relief, Corden jokingly facetime called Tom Cruise, who turned out to be his friend Ed Sheeran. The hilarity continued as it was revealed that even Ed had purchased a backstage tour to get to know the “real” James Corden.

Corden’s outrage peaked when he discovered that his dad had made around £3,000 from these unauthorized activities. However, in an attempt to rectify the situation, his dad promised to donate the money to charity.

In the end, this unexpected turn of events gave the audience a memorable and entertaining experience. It just goes to show that even in a talk show, you never know what surprises might be in store. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden!