First up, let’s talk about the out-of-this-world vodka that has everyone talking. Shooting Star Vodka is not your ordinary drink. It’s infused with a real meteorite that was discovered back in 1977. Although we’re not sure how it tastes, it certainly gives drivers a unique excuse if they ever get pulled over. Imagine telling the officer, “I am not drunk, I have space madness!”

Next, a new study has shed light on the dangers of consuming high levels of processed foods. The research suggests that indulging in processed meats, sugary breakfast foods, and sugary treats can lead to premature death. Well, thank goodness for this study, right? I mean, who knew that munching on cured ham and fudge was bad for your health? Can’t wait for the next groundbreaking study linking forks in toasters to reduced aliveness!

In other news, Coldstone Creamery is facing a lawsuit over their pistachio ice cream. The outrage stems from the fact that their supposedly pistachio-flavored ice cream contains zero pistachios. Nothing screams betrayal like a nut-less pistachio ice cream. On a related note, Steven Colbert fans might be delighted to know that every pint of Steven kar’s American Own Dream contains at least 7% Steven Colbert. A higher percentage would have been fantastic, but Ben and Jerry’s unfortunately rejected that idea.

Now, let’s talk about Boeing, the company that has had a rough year with various plane malfunctions. From holes popping open on the side of planes to wheels falling off mid-flight, it’s like a comedy of errors up in the sky. Most recently, another Boeing plane narrowly escaped disaster due to a landing gear failure. This incident was caught on camera, and let’s just say FedEx could learn a thing or two about delivering packages gently.

Despite the turbulent times, Boeing is determined to branch out into space exploration. Since 2014, they have been collaborating with NASA to develop the Starliner spacecraft. However, the spacecraft’s launch was postponed due to concerns about an oxygen relief valve. Interesting choice of words, Boeing. We hope they sort out their “oxygen relief valve” situation soon.

Moving on to Apple, it seems they are having their fair share of bugs too. Some iPhone alarms are not sounding as expected, while others are not playing any sound at all. It’s a subtle difference, but one that can be quite frustrating for users relying on their alarms to wake them up. I guess we can’t always rely on technology to keep us on schedule.

As always, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert keeps us entertained with its humorous take on current events. From space-infused vodka to deadly processed foods and Boeing’s bumpy rides, there’s never a dull moment on the show. Stay tuned for more laughs and witty banter from your favorite late-night host, Stephen Colbert!