In a recent episode of the iconic talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, former Vice President of the United States, Richard Nixon, made a captivating appearance. The episode aired on November 22, 1967.

As Johnny Carson welcomed Nixon to the show, the audience erupted in applause. The conversation started with a playful exchange, as Carson asked Nixon if he could call him by his first name. Nixon humorously replied that he had been called almost everything, so calling him by his first name was perfectly fine.

The conversation quickly turned to politics, with Nixon being asked about the upcoming election. Carson, known for his witty humor, joked about Nixon following him on the show. Nixon, showing his own sense of humor, responded by saying he campaigned for a lot of “turkeys” in his time, but this was the first time he had followed one.

Carson then pointed out that Nixon’s announcement of his candidacy wasn’t the first, as George Romney and others had already announced their intentions to run. Nixon seized the opportunity to suggest that Carson himself should run for president, stating that he resembled Bobby Kennedy more than Kennedy himself. This lighthearted banter between the two kept the audience entertained throughout the segment.

The conversation then shifted to the upcoming primaries, with Nixon confirming that he planned to enter the New Hampshire primary. Carson inquired about Nixon’s strategy, asking if he planned to wait and see how he performed before making a final decision. Nixon explained that before entering the primaries, he would have to make a final determination, as signing certain papers indicated a commitment to run if nominated.

As the interview continued, Carson and Nixon discussed other candidates and the importance of television in campaigns. Nixon acknowledged the power of television in shaping public opinion but questioned whether physical appearance played a major role. The two delved into the complexities of dealing with the press, with Nixon expressing the importance of maintaining the right to respond honestly while avoiding hostility.

The conversation took a more serious turn, as Carson asked Nixon about the potential for peaceful coexistence with Russia and other communist nations. Nixon emphasized the need for negotiation and strength while acknowledging the Russian and Chinese people as great individuals who desire peace.

Adding a touch of family warmth to the conversation, Nixon’s daughters, Julia and Fisher, were present in the audience. Carson playfully acknowledged their presence, creating a lighthearted moment amid the political discussion.

As the segment came to a close, Carson thanked Nixon for his appearance and wished him luck in his future endeavors. The episode showcased the charismatic and engaging nature of both Johnny Carson and Richard Nixon, providing an intriguing mix of politics and entertainment for viewers.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was known for its ability to bring celebrities and prominent figures together, creating captivating moments that left audiences wanting more. This episode with Richard Nixon was no exception, as it provided an entertaining and insightful look into the world of politics through the lens of a chat show.

In conclusion, the episode featuring Richard Nixon on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a lively and engaging conversation that offered a mix of humor, political insights, and entertainment. Carson’s skillful interviewing and Nixon’s charismatic presence made for an entertaining segment that showcased the magic of late-night talk shows.

Originally aired on November 22, 1967