On the latest episode of the highly popular talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, the audience was in for a real treat as the legendary writer-producer, Carl Reiner, made his first-ever guest appearance. With a career spanning across television and comedy acting, Reiner is known for his immense talent and sharp wit.

As the crowd erupted in applause, Reiner took the stage and graciously accepted the warm welcome. Carson had introduced him as one of the most successful comedy writer-producers and one of the best comedy actors around, leaving Reiner feeling humbled and grateful.

During their conversation, Carson cheekily mentioned a new book called “How to Deliver Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation Without Getting Emotionally Involved.” The audience burst into laughter, and Reiner expressed his amusement at the concept. It seems like a useful guide, but Reiner humorously wondered if it actually worked in practice.

As the interview went on, Reiner couldn’t help but express his current state of contentment. With recent successes, he felt both thankful and lucky. He even joked that he had been feeling so good lately that he feared someone might walk up to him and punch him in the mouth – a humorous way of acknowledging his incredible string of achievements.

Speaking of accomplishments, Reiner has quite a collection of Emmy Awards to his name. With five trophies already in his possession, he quipped about not being as good as people think. Despite his modesty, Reiner’s talent has certainly fooled many. Interestingly, two of his Emmys were for his work on the iconic Sid show, while others were won for his acting and producing endeavors.

The conversation took an intriguing turn when Carson mentioned the recent resignation of game show producer Mark Goodson from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Goodson had disagreed with the removal of the panel and game show category from the Emmy Awards, which caused quite a stir in the industry. Reiner shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that shows like “To Tell the Truth” deserved recognition for their creativity and longevity.

As the interview continued, Carson playfully labeled Reiner as a “sitting talking comedian.” While other comedians like Bob Hope tend to stand and move around more on stage, Reiner’s style involved sitting, smoking, and engaging in hilarious conversations. It was a testament to his unique comedic approach and ability to captivate audiences from a seated position.

In the end, the interview took a lighthearted turn, with Reiner and Carson discussing the need for change within the industry. Reiner encouraged Carson not to resign from the Academy but rather to fight for what they believed in. Their spirited banter and shared dissent made for an entertaining and thought-provoking conversation.

As the episode came to a close, it was clear that Carl Reiner‘s first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a memorable one. The combination of Reiner’s wit, Carson’s charm, and the lively discussion ensured an entertaining evening for viewers all around the country.

Originally aired on January 3, 1964