During a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden“, the audience was treated to a segment called “Life Advice with Chelsea Handler“. Known for her candidness and ability to relate to fans, Chelsea Handler was the perfect guest to offer guidance on life’s big issues. Host James Corden introduced Chelsea as an open book, someone who is always willing to share her wisdom, whether it’s on her podcast or during her stand-up performances.

James Corden asked Chelsea if she thought she’d be good at giving life advice, to which she confidently replied that she considers herself a doctor. She mentioned that she has been through a lot of therapy, so she understands how it works and is skilled at giving advice to her friends.

The first person seeking advice was Melvin, who wanted to know how to politely ask a guest to leave his house without being rude. Chelsea offered a simple solution – just go to bed without saying anything and eventually, the guest will have to leave. However, she also suggested collecting your valuables and taking them into the bedroom with you if you don’t fully trust your friends to take the hint.

Next up was Winnie, who explained that one of her colleagues, James Longman, constantly bombards her with environmental facts, as if she caused the problem. Winnie wondered if she should bill the show every time James does this. Chelsea, with a mischievous grin, advised Winnie to respond by sending James information about irritable bowel syndrome or other topics he might find uncomfortable. This, Chelsea believed, would quickly convey the message that his behavior is unwelcome. However, she acknowledged that it might not be the best advice with James standing right next to them.

Then there was Chris, who needed Chelsea’s help with a workplace dilemma. His boss repeatedly tells him not to wear jean shorts, but Chris enjoys wearing them. Chelsea expressed her disdain for jean shorts, particularly on men, equating them to flip-flops in the workplace. She advised Chris to opt for longer pants instead, asserting that it would present a better image in a professional environment. It was clear that Chelsea’s aversion to jean shorts was shared by many on the show.

Lastly, CeCe sought advice on spicing things up in her long-term relationship. She mentioned being interested in threples (threesomes) but was concerned about potential pitfalls. Chelsea hilariously warned CeCe that threesomes often leave someone feeling left out and suggested exploring other forms of experimentation. In her typical cheeky style, Chelsea hinted at the possibilities without going into explicit detail.

As the segment came to an end, James thanked Chelsea for her honesty and humor. The audience was also treated to a preview of the upcoming film “Chelsea Infinity War”. Chelsea’s ability to give candid and entertaining advice made for a lively and engaging segment on “The Late Late Show with James Corden“.