Jerry Lewis made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The legendary comedian, actor, and director has been entertaining audiences for years, and his latest movie, “Slapstick of Another Kind,” was set to open soon. Lewis was no stranger to accolades, having been awarded two of France’s most prestigious honors – the Commander of Arts and Letters and the Legion of Honor.

As Lewis took the stage, the audience erupted in applause, their excitement palpable. Carson noted that the last time Lewis was on the show, he was more laid back, but this time, his energy was through the roof. Lewis replied, “When you talk regular, it’s like another person.” His wacky antics and non-stop humor had become synonymous with his persona.

Carson brought up Lewis’s recent awards in France, and Lewis playfully quipped about the significance of receiving the Legion of Honor, joking about the historical figures who had also received the award. But amidst the humor, it was clear that Lewis held these awards in high regard and was grateful for the recognition.

The conversation then shifted to Lewis’s recent health scare. He had undergone double bypass surgery, and although rumors had circulated about his plans to move to France permanently, Lewis reassured Carson that he would never leave the United States. However, he did confess to buying a property in France and revealed that he would be shooting a film there soon.

Lewis’s latest film, “Slapstick of Another Kind,” was a unique project in which he portrayed a seven-foot-tall twin alongside Madeline Kahn. The movie was a comedic love story between the brother and sister, with plenty of outrageous and offbeat moments. And as always, Lewis brought his signature brand of physical humor to the role.

Carson brought up a film clip from “Slapstick of Another Kind,” but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to show it. Disappointed, Lewis jokingly offered to act it out himself. But before the segment ended, Lewis couldn’t resist sharing a funny story about looking for his fake teeth on set, causing a delay in filming.

Throughout the interview, Lewis’s humor, charm, and boundless energy were on full display. His larger-than-life personality captivated the audience, and it was evident why he remained a beloved figure in the world of entertainment. As the show came to a close, Carson jokingly quipped, “We will be back in a moment. I hope so,” perfectly encapsulating the playful banter between the two icons.

Jerry Lewis‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a reminder of his comedic genius and his ability to bring joy to audiences worldwide. Whether on the talk show stage or the big screen, Lewis’s talent and larger-than-life personality continued to enchant and entertain all those who were lucky enough to witness his performances.

Air date: 21/03/1984 00:00:00

Originally aired on March 21, 1984