On a recent episode of the popular talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, the audience was treated to a lively and entertaining argument between Johnny and his sidekick Ed. The banter began when Johnny mentioned a television show he had watched the previous night on PBS that focused on animals and their remarkable abilities.

The show highlighted how animals possess specialized skills that far surpass those of humans. They can run faster, stay underwater longer, lift enormous weights, and perform feats that seem superhuman. But one particular animal stood out: a bird called The Sweat (or Swift, as it may be).

Johnny, ever the engaging host, posed a question to the audience, asking if anyone was familiar with this fascinating bird. After a bit of confusion and back-and-forth, it was determined that the name of the bird was indeed The Sweat (or Swift).

Now, here’s what’s truly mind-blowing: this bird never lands or stops flying for the first three years of its life! Can you believe that? It eats, mates, and even sleeps while soaring through the air. Never touching ground, never taking a break. Talk about dedication!

Naturally, this revelation sparked a debate between Johnny and Ed. Ed couldn’t wrap his head around the idea and found it somewhat laughable. Johnny, on the other hand, was fascinated by the bird’s behavior and the amazing distances it covers during those three years – a whopping million miles!

And just like that, the conversation took a turn, shifting to a comparison between the bird and sharks. Ed chimed in, suggesting that sharks never stop swimming either, but Johnny quickly pointed out the stark differences. Sharks can rest and move while buoyed by the water, while the bird must continuously flap its wings to stay afloat.

As the discussion escalated, the audience couldn’t help but chuckle at the witty remarks and comedic timing of the hosts. The banter took on a life of its own, with Ed questioning the logic of a shark flying around and Johnny countering with the fact that certain fish are known as “night feeders” as they exclusively feed at night.

Ultimately, the debate about sharks came to no definite conclusion, but it was a joyous and entertaining spectacle to witness Johnny and Ed playfully spar over these fascinating animal facts.

With the energy in the room still buzzing, Johnny gracefully transitioned to the next segment of the talk show, inviting their guests onto the stage. The audience, filled with both bird lovers and shark enthusiasts, had been thoroughly entertained by the zany banter between the hosts, showcasing once again why The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson continues to captivate viewers time and time again.

So, whether you’re enthralled by the mysteries of the animal kingdom or simply enjoy a good dose of comedic banter, this episode of The Tonight Show was one for the books. Don’t worry if you missed it when it originally aired on March 18, 1981 – it’s just as entertaining to watch today.

Originally aired on March 18, 1981