The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is known for its comedic genius and entertaining guests. In a memorable episode from February 27, 1973, comedian Buddy Hackett made an appearance that left the audience in stitches. Carson, introducing Hackett, jokingly stated, “Right now here’s a fellow I never know what Buddy’s gonna do…he was…uh…like a middle-aged elf…”

Hackett, known for his unpredictable humor, took the stage and immediately had the audience roaring with laughter. His signature entrance, accompanied by the tune “My Buddy,” set the tone for a night filled with hilarity. Hackett wasted no time and unleashed a barrage of jokes, leaving everyone in awe of his quick wit.

As the conversation flowed, Hackett effortlessly bounced from one hilarious anecdote to another. He touched on topics like Fairfax Avenue, creating laughter with his description of CBS Television City’s location. He even shared a funny story involving the legendary actor William Demarest, making the audience hang on to his every word.

Hackett’s storytelling skills shone through as he seamlessly transitioned from one amusing tale to the next. He playfully joked with Carson, revealing that he was not yet 50 years old, despite Carson’s initial confusion. This lighthearted banter showcased their natural chemistry and added to the overall entertainment value of the show.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Hackett delved into his experiences with Jewish cuisine, specifically his wife’s cooking. He hilariously described a dish called “sue it,” emphasizing its heartburn-inducing qualities. The audience couldn’t contain their laughter as Hackett painted a vivid picture of the culinary adventure.

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, Hackett touched on religion, prompting both laughter and applause from the crowd. His comical take on different cultural cuisines, coupled with his ability to find humor in everyday situations, solidified his status as a comedic genius.

Throughout the episode, Hackett kept the energy high, intertwining his jokes with stories about his membership at a temple and the unexpected encounter with the cemetery committee. His realistic storytelling and animated delivery had the audience hanging on to every word, waiting to see where the humor would take them next.

As the show neared its end, Hackett wrapped up with a classic joke involving a young boy and his fascination with dingoes. The punchline left everyone in stitches, cementing Hackett’s reputation as a master of comedic timing.

Buddy Hackett‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson remains a testament to his incredible talent and ability to entertain. His infectious energy and quick wit captivated the audience, leaving them wanting more. The combination of Hackett’s charismatic personality and Carson’s brilliant hosting made for a memorable night of laughter.

Originally aired on February 27, 1973