The atmosphere was electric on the latest episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden as a special guest made a surprise appearance. The crowd erupted with applause as the boss’s brother, James, took the stage. Sporting a stylish hairdo and a trendy jacket, he instantly won over the audience.

James Corden couldn’t contain his excitement about his brother’s presence, exclaiming, “I can’t thank you enough for every prank you pulled on my brother. It’s been a dream come true!” Clearly, the bond between these siblings is strong, and the audience could feel their connection.

During the interview, James Corden asked his brother about his thoughts on Nick‘s rise to fame over the past few years. James, the brother, humorously replied, “I have loved it. It has gone to his head just a little bit. Yeah, it’s gotten so into his head that it’s kind of pouring out the hair follicle.” It’s clear that James has thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Nick‘s success.

Amidst the lighthearted banter, the show also covered some current news events. President Biden‘s visit to Baltimore to kick off a new rail tunnel project funded by the bipartisan infrastructure law was highlighted. James Corden humorously remarked on Biden’s comment about not needing to replace something just because it’s old, comparing it to a situation on the show.

The commentary also touched upon former President Donald Trump‘s announcement of launching his 2024 presidential campaign. James amusingly compared it to the way Gordon Ramsay starts a new season of Hell’s Kitchen, providing a hilarious perspective on the situation.

The news segment also featured Tick Tock’s CEO testifying before Congress regarding security concerns related to the app. James playfully joked about assuming the CEO was a 15-year-old, poking fun at the app’s youthful reputation. The show’s hosts shared their limited knowledge of Tick Tock dances, with James expressing interest in learning them but questioning if he’s too old for it.

As the show drew to a close, the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and the Eagles took center stage. James spoke about the significance of two brothers, Travis Kelsey and Jason Kelsey, facing off against each other in the game. With a touch of humor, James suggested this might be a way for Prince William and Prince Harry to sort out their own sibling issues.

Lastly, the show introduced a breakthrough in robotics, showcasing a robot dog that can navigate complex terrain and even walk on sand at an impressive pace of seven miles per hour. James couldn’t resist making a witty remark, highlighting that real dogs dislike running on a beach.

With an entertaining blend of celebrity banter, witty commentary, and amusing news updates, The Late Late Show with James Corden delivered another memorable episode that kept viewers thoroughly entertained.