On a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the host and his staff decided to have a competition to see who could create the best Super Bowl snacks. But James couldn’t judge alone, so he enlisted the help of none other than the legendary chef and friend of the show, Gordon Ramsay.

As they gathered around the table, James asked Gordon what makes a great Super Bowl snack. Gordon’s response? No double dipping! According to Gordon, there’s nothing worse than someone taking a bite, putting it down, and then picking it up again. So, with that in mind, the staff set out to impress Gordon with their culinary creations.

First up was Jenna, the music segment producer. She presented her S&M Stromboli, a sausage and mozzarella dish named after Rihanna’s song. Visually, Gordon found it a little dry, but the homemade dough and mix of sweet and spicy Italian sausage added some flavor to the dish.

Next was Melvin, the post coordinator, who proudly showcased his Teriyaki-flavored meatball sliders with football-shaped buns. Gordon couldn’t help but tease Melvin about the size of his meatballs, but when he tasted them, he found them to be a bit dry.

Jared, a writer on the show, brought out a traditional one-layer dip consisting of just sour cream. He admitted that he got carried away celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles making it to the Super Bowl and forgot to add more ingredients. While Gordon found it lacking in flavor, Jared’s comedy skills definitely impressed.

Mark, the jib operator, prepared puff pastry Philly cheesesteaks with Compti cheese, beef, caramelized onions, and peppers. However, Gordon noted that they were a bit greasy and could use some seasoning. Mark’s dedication to the Philadelphia Eagles shone through, though.

Chandler, an associate producer, took a bold approach with a vegan seven-layer dip. However, Gordon was less enthusiastic, saying that visually it resembled the inside of his grandad’s cloth me bag. Chandler’s creation didn’t leave a good taste in Gordon’s mouth, to say the least.

Dawn, the production supervisor, served up a tomato bisque soup in a beer helmet. As James squeezed the helmet to release the soup, the concoction sprayed all over Gordon. Despite the mess, Dawn’s soup had a nice flavor, albeit a bit sweet for his liking.

Lastly, Pedro, the administrative coordinator, impressed with homemade tahini tacos and guacamole with pomegranate seeds. While the pomegranate threw Gordon off a bit, he couldn’t deny the fresh flavors and the pop of spice in Pedro’s dish.

Choosing a winner became irrelevant after the messy taste-testing session. Instead, everyone headed off to have a much-needed shower. The staff’s creative and amusing attempts at Super Bowl snacks certainly made for an entertaining segment on “The Late Late Show.”

This lively episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” featured some hilarious and mouth-watering attempts at Super Bowl snacks. With Gordon Ramsay as the ultimate food critic, the staff showcased their creativity and culinary skills, bringing laughter and excitement to the show. Whether it was Jenna’s S&M Stromboli or Pedro’s imaginative tahini tacos, the flavor and presentation were definitely on the line. Double dipping may be a sin, but the entertainment factor of this chat show was certainly worth watching.