It’s Valentine’s Day at The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the love is in the air! The episode starts off with applause from the audience, setting the romantic tone for the special day. James Corden mentions that even though they are filming on Valentine’s Day, by the time it airs, the day will be over. But that doesn’t stop him from declaring that it’s always Valentine’s Day with the show.

To make the episode more romantic, James Corden asks his co-host Reggie to be more tactile with the items on their desks, suggesting grabbing a mug or adding a subtle touch. They believe that even these small actions can go a long way in creating a romantic atmosphere.

The conversation then moves on to Ian, who requests for the lights in the studio to be sexier. He considers himself a sexual being and wants the lighting to match his mood. It’s all in good humor as they joke about Ian‘s imagined appearance, comparing him to a hot and chiseled version of Matt Damon.

As the show progresses, James Corden notices that there are many couples in the audience, clearly on Valentine’s Day dates. He playfully asks one couple, Nicole and Jose, how long they have been together. They proudly share that it’s been six years. However, James teases them about not being married yet, jokingly suggesting there’s a special reason they are at the show tonight.

Moving on to the news segment, the show discusses an interesting story about Donald Trump. Apparently, his lawyers claim that he had an empty folder marked as classified on his bedside table to cover a blue light from a landline telephone that kept him up at night. James humorously adds his imagination to the story, picturing Trump talking on the phone while twirling the cord around his finger.

In another entertaining news piece, First Lady Jill Biden decorates the White House lawn for Valentine’s Day, showcasing her dedication to the occasion. James playfully remarks that perhaps the execution of the decoration is not perfect, comparing it to a hypothetical coworker named Cheryl. He jokes that Cheryl might have started planning the decoration just three days ago.

Bringing a touching and record-breaking story, the show highlights a free diving couple who set a new world record for the longest underwater kiss. Lasting for an impressive four minutes and six seconds, the couple’s passion is evident. The audience applauds their achievement, amazed by their ability to stay underwater for such a long period.

In discussing Valentine’s Day gifts, James shares that one in five Americans in a relationship have considered leaving their partners after receiving unimaginative and cliché gifts. Furry handcuffs, flowers, and heart-shaped boxes of candy make the top of the disappointing gift list. James jokingly suggests opting for a heart-shaped pizza as a classic, timeless, and elegant alternative.

As the show progresses, James Corden teases co-host Ian about what’s happening in his household on this romantic evening. Ian reveals that they had decided to have a quiet Valentine’s Day since they had recently celebrated several other occasions. However, Ian jokes that his wife, Sarah, might have a surprise planned involving him being naked on a table covered in sushi.

To add to the romance, James shares a heartwarming story of a couple who got married during halftime at the Dallas Mavericks game. The ceremony was officiated by the Mavericks announcer, adding a unique touch to the event. Unfortunately, the Mavericks lost the game by three points, leading James to humorously suggest that the marriage might be doomed.

Overall, The Late Late Show with James Corden embraces the Valentine’s Day spirit, spreading love, laughter, and entertainment. From witty banter to heartwarming stories, James Corden and his team create an enjoyable and romantic atmosphere for their audience on this special occasion.

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