In a surprising turn of events, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay was tricked into opening a restaurant on “The Late Late Show with James Corden“. In a recent episode of the popular talk show, James Corden revealed his post-show plans to venture into the restaurant industry with Ramsay’s help.

As Corden took Ramsay through the CBS commissary, which had been closed for two years, he presented the opportunity as a “phenomenal business opportunity”. However, Ramsay was initially skeptical as he observed the dark and lifeless space. But Corden had a surprise in store – he had already decorated the tables with flowers, albeit from a funeral, as a gesture of their future success.

The duo then discussed their vision for the restaurant, which they called a “five-star” establishment. Ramsay’s expertise in the kitchen combined with Corden’s showmanship provided a unique twist to their culinary endeavor. Corden even suggested live-feeds of the chefs preparing the food, adding an element of excitement for the diners.

As they planned the menu, Ramsay’s signature fine-dining dishes clashed with Corden’s craving for a simple hamburger. After some negotiation, they settled on a menu that offered a mix of refined dishes like seared buttered scallops and truffle risotto reduction, as well as a delicious hamburger for the less adventurous eaters.

With the menu finalized, the focus turned to the staff. Corden assembled a team of “qualified” individuals from “The Late Late Show”, including the senior vice president of late night programming and members of the show’s band. Despite their lack of culinary experience, they were enthusiastic about the project.

The restaurant’s grand opening was met with mixed reviews. The customers, including some familiar faces from the TV industry, enjoyed their meals, but Ramsay’s meticulous nature caused some tension in the kitchen. Nevertheless, they persevered and served their dishes with flair and theatrics.

Unfortunately, their dream of running a successful restaurant took a hit due to the ongoing pandemic, resulting in a loss of $4,000. Ramsay and Corden blamed the difficult circumstances brought about by the pandemic for their financial setback.

Although the restaurant venture didn’t pan out as expected, the collaboration between Ramsay and Corden on “The Late Late Show” was a memorable and entertaining experience. Fans can catch more of Ramsay’s culinary skills on his show, “Next Level Chef,” airing on Fox.

Stay tuned for more exciting moments and surprises on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” in the future.