The Late Late Show with James Corden has undoubtedly entertained audiences with its hilarious sketches and memorable moments. However, not every segment on the show has been a winner. In a recent episode, host James Corden reflected on the 1190th episode and acknowledged that while they are proud of the show as a whole, there are some bits they are less proud of, yet they still created great memories.

One of the standout “best worst” bits mentioned by James Corden was the game “Are You Smarter Than a Whoopi Goldberg Impersonator?” In this game, contestants had to prove if they were indeed smarter than a Whoopi Goldberg impersonator. It may sound bizarre, but this segment brought a lot of laughs, especially when guests like Christian Slater and Nina Applegate took part in the game. The humor lied in the name itself, which was funnier than the bit itself – a sentiment shared by Christian Slater.

Another memorable moment mentioned by James Corden was the “First Line Every Line” segment. In this sketch, guests were challenged to sing the first line of a song for every single line of the song. Katy Perry‘s hit “Firework” was hilariously transformed into a rendition where each line was “do you ever feel like a plastic bag.” This absurd twist undoubtedly left the audience in stitches.

Adding to the list of memorable “best worst” moments, there was the segment “Cash for Matthew McConaughey.” This game had only one rule – take the first line of a song and replace every line of the song with that first line. The result was a hilarious rendition of popular tunes, including Matthew McConaughey‘s iconic line, “alright, alright, alright.”

As the late-night talk show continues to entertain viewers, it’s important to mention that not every moment can be a success. One such example that was shared by James Corden was the segment “Musical Shares.” The host humorously admitted that showcasing this particular segment was one of the most depressing moments of his life. The misunderstanding of the title, which sounded like “musical chairs,” led to a series of awkward and confusing moments during the sketch. However, even though it didn’t quite hit the mark, it still provided some comedic value.

It is moments like these that show the genuine and light-hearted nature of The Late Late Show with James Corden. While some sketches may not always land perfectly, they still contribute to the show’s overall charm and can leave a lasting impression on both the audience and the host. As the show continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate the next hit sketch or entertaining moment that will keep them laughing and coming back for more.