In a recent episode of the highly popular talk show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert took a moment to appreciate his audience. “Hey everybody, welcome back! Give it up for Louis K Theo band, right there,” Colbert exclaimed before addressing his audience directly. “It is no way pandering to say that I have the best audience in television. Okay, you know that, you know that, you know that.” Colbert playfully questioned the validity of his claim, asking, “Can we fact check that?” But it’s hard to deny the appeal of his charismatic audience.

Colbert went on to express his gratitude toward his audience, particularly in today’s era of overwhelming entertainment options. With numerous streaming services available, such as Hulu, Netflix, Prime, Crackler, and even Acorn TV (whatever that is), Colbert acknowledged that viewers have endless choices. In light of this, he announced his new venture—Steven plus.

“Steven plus, our new slogan: Get soaked in our hot stream,” Colbert declared, sparking laughter and applause from the audience. While he admitted to not being involved in the creation of the slogan, he expressed his love for it. Steven plus promises to offer a range of original content that viewers are sure to love.

Colbert then turned his attention to the upcoming Summer Olympics set to take place in Paris. Acknowledging the excitement and inspiration that surround the games every four years, Colbert humorously showcased an ad featuring an athlete’s dedication to pole vaulting. Although Steven plus may not have the Summer Olympics in their lineup due to budget constraints and legal restrictions, Colbert assured his audience that they won’t miss out on thrilling sporting events.

Introducing the “Spring Olympics” exclusive to Steven plus, Colbert aimed to capture the joy and spirit of the Olympic Games. With a comedic twist, he presented events such as cross-country running with a high pollen count and synchronized lawn mowing. Colbert even poked fun at the attention given to outfit choices by showcasing an athlete cycling through various jackets to find the perfect one for the day’s weather.

Of course, no hilarious sporting event would be complete without team sports. Colbert described the 100-meter win as the next big event to look forward to—next Easter, to be precise. But he humorously added that participants had four years to prepare for this momentous occasion, which coincides with the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the Spring Equinox.

Bringing the segment to a close, Colbert highlighted the joy of victory by showcasing the celebration of finding a participant named Becky who had wandered off during the events. With a touch of comedy, Colbert concluded his announcement, “The Spring Olympics, only on Steven plus. Steven plus, all the TV that was left!”

With his signature wit and charm, Stephen Colbert continues to entertain audiences on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Don’t miss out on the laughter and excitement—tune in to catch all the fun and stay up to date with Steven plus, his new venture.