Anthony Anderson made his first appearance on the popular talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and it was one for the books. Known for his humorous anecdotes, Anderson had the audience in stitches with his hilarious stories.

During the interview, Anderson recounted a mishap where he got men’s urine on his clothes. The audience erupted in laughter as he described the absurdity of the situation. Anderson’s storytelling skills had everyone captivated as he described the incident with great comedic timing.

The conversation took an interesting turn as Anderson shared that his new show, All About the Andersons, is based on his own life. He revealed that 92% of the show is accurate, with the remaining 8% being added for TV entertainment.

One particular story that stood out was Anderson’s relationship with his father. After returning home from college, his father made it difficult for him to stay home but didn’t want to put him out on the street. Instead, he removed all the phone jacks from the house and put a payphone in the family room. This unexpected move left Anderson in disbelief, but it became the inspiration behind his new show.

Despite the challenges, Anderson’s father now enjoys his son’s success and is proud of him. Anderson humorously mentioned that he appreciates being able to pay his father’s bills, even though his father denies ever putting a payphone in the family room and blames Anderson’s mother for the idea.

The interview took a lighthearted turn when a caller from Philadelphia asked Anderson what scares him. In true comedic fashion, Anderson jokingly replied, “Going back home to Compton with a roach-infested house.” This response had the audience laughing and Ellen playfully chimed in.

Anderson’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show showcased his wit and storytelling abilities that have made him a household name. With his new show, All About the Andersons, based on his own life experiences, audiences can expect more laughter and joyful moments.

In the midst of his exciting projects, Anderson also mentioned his role in Scary Movie 3, which was the number one movie at the time. This added to his already booming success and allowed him to showcase his comedic talents on the big screen.

Fans can catch Anthony Anderson in his new show, All About the Andersons, airing every Friday night on the WB. Additionally, Scary Movie 3 is playing in theaters everywhere, giving audiences plenty of opportunities to enjoy Anderson’s hilarious performances.

With his infectious humor and relatable stories, Anthony Anderson continues to entertain audiences both on talk shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show and through his various acting projects.

Originally aired on October 29, 2003