The Ellen Degeneres Show never fails to entertain its audience, and in a recent episode, Ellen revealed her frustration with flying. In her usual lively and humorous manner, Ellen expressed her love-hate relationship with air travel.

Ellen began by reflecting on her recent vacation to Mexico, where she hadn’t flown for a while. As someone who used to fly extensively for work as a stand-up comedian, Ellen forgot how long it takes to fly nowadays. She compared flying to being just a little faster than taking the bus, which is a far cry from the way it used to be.

The talk show host hilariously described the whole process of flying, from the time spent on the plane to the excruciatingly long wait to be towed to the gate upon arrival. Ellen even joked that she would have preferred to jump out of the plane and walk to the gate rather than endure the waiting.

To make matters worse, retrieving one’s luggage at the baggage claim can be quite a challenge. Ellen emphasized that the baggage claim area is always far away, requiring attendees to bring provisions like salt tablets, a canteen, and even a sherpa. She humorously compared the baggage claim experience to waiting for a parade, with seasoned flyers setting up camp with chairs and grills.

Of course, the wait for the bags to arrive on the carousel always feels like an eternity. Ellen comically highlighted the fact that airlines seem to put all the bags on one carousel, causing everyone to anxiously wait for their belongings. She added that the excitement of the arrivals is often accompanied by anti-climax when it takes forever for the bags to appear.

Ellen playfully remarked that sometimes the bags that do come out are just decoys, cleverly positioned among boxes and paper to tease passengers. She comically described some luggage looking as if it had been salvaged from a shipwreck, complete with duct tape and stickers from non-existent countries. Ellen humorously suggested that it would be easier to buy clothes at the destination rather than dealing with the baggage drama.

Amidst her amusing tales of travel, Ellen also shared a personal story about cooking. She mentioned her recent attempt at cooking Nigerian food and pasta, proudly proclaiming her newfound culinary skills. Ellen’s conversation with her guest, Tony, lightened the mood and offered a refreshing break from the talk of tedious travel.

As always, Ellen’s humorous take on flying had her audience laughing along and relating to the frustrations many people experience when traveling. The talk show host’s ability to turn everyday situations into comedic gold is one of the reasons why “The Ellen Degeneres Show” remains a favorite among viewers.

Originally aired on March 18, 2004