During a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, comedian Adam Sandler revealed an amusing anecdote about his encounter with music icon Paul McCartney. Sandler reminisced about his early days in showbiz when he would appear on Conan’s show, and McCartney made a surprise appearance in a memorable moment.

Sandler recalled that during one of his visits to Conan’s show, he received a phone call while sitting at the talk show desk. As the audience tried to guess who the mystery caller was, the camera panned up the stairs and around the corner to reveal McCartney on a payphone. The crowd went wild, and McCartney delighted everyone with his unique sense of humor.

Describing the moment as “pure liquid Joy,” Sandler explained how unexpected appearances like this made a lasting impact on him. While Sandler’s stint on “Saturday Night Live” didn’t provide him with consistent screen time, Conan’s show provided him with the opportunity to connect with a younger audience. Sandler credited Conan for helping him establish himself as a popular entertainer among the younger demographic.

The conversation between Sandler and McCartney led to discussions about their respective careers. Sandler mentioned how he had always known that he wanted to try his hand at serious acting, and Conan shared stories of Sandler’s journey into non-comedic roles. Sandler expressed his belief that he could eventually handle such roles and fulfill his ambition to do more serious movies.

In addition to his encounter with McCartney, Sandler also recounted a funny incident at a restaurant where he initially hesitated to approach the legendary musician. His nerves got the best of him, and he ultimately decided to run past McCartney and quickly return to his table. However, Sandler’s wife encouraged him to go back and have a proper conversation with McCartney. With a nudge of support from his wife, Sandler finally mustered the courage to approach McCartney and engage in a brief exchange.

The story had Conan reminiscing about his own encounters with famous individuals, including actor James Caan and former basketball player Kevin Garnett. Conan shared his personal experience of feeling nervous when approaching these celebrities, similarly to how Sandler felt in the presence of McCartney. Both Sandler and Conan agreed that even though they are accomplished individuals in the entertainment industry, meeting their idols can still be an overwhelming experience.

Overall, Sandler’s story of chickening out when faced with the opportunity to talk to Paul McCartney provided an entertaining and relatable moment during the talk show. The conversation between Sandler and Conan highlighted the universal phenomenon of feeling starstruck and offered viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.