Superstar Christina Aguilera recently made her first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and it was nothing short of amazing. The talented songstress sat down with Ellen for a lively chat, where they discussed everything from Aguilera’s ever-changing hairstyles to her love for playing games like Scrabble.

The conversation kicked off with Ellen complimenting Aguilera on her incredible talent, particularly her superb voice. Aguilera humbly accepted the praise, and even addressed the various pronunciations of her last name, reminding everyone to picture a double E when saying “Ag-gee-lera”.

They then delved into Aguilera’s adventurous hair journey, with the singer revealing that she loves to experiment with different looks. From black hair during her “Stripped Justified Tour” to her current brand-new hair color, Aguilera keeps things interesting. She also shared some tips on maintaining healthy hair despite the constant coloring.

While discussing past hairstyles, Aguilera mentioned the infamous white, curly hair she sported at the Grammys. Turns out, it was a wig! Aguilera loves to have fun with her style and reminds us that it’s important not to take it too seriously.

The conversation took an entertaining turn when Ellen brought up a photo of them backstage at a concert. Aguilera had cheekily superimposed her head onto Ellen’s body for a Rolling Stone cover featuring Aguilera and Justin Timberlake. The resulting image had Justin looking down at Ellen’s chest, and the trio couldn’t help but laugh.

Moving on to Aguilera’s personal life, she shared that she finds relaxation in the company of her two dogs, Stinky and Chui. However, Chewy, one of the dogs, once made a “boo-boo” and ended up peeing on Ellen’s lunch bag. Oops! Despite the mishap, Aguilera loves her fur babies and enjoys taking bubble baths whenever she can.

The conversation then shifted to Aguilera’s tour experiences, and it turns out she shares Ellen’s love for games. Scrabble and Boggle are among her favorites, though she humorously mentioned that Boggle can get too loud for quiet moments on the tour bus. Aguilera even suggested using rubber squares instead of plastic for a quieter Boggle experience.

Before closing the chat, Ellen reflected on their first meeting when Aguilera toured with Justin Timberlake. Due to a mix-up, Aguilera almost missed the chance to meet Ellen. They laughed over the funny misunderstanding and reminisced about Aguilera’s excitement over Finding Nemo.

All in all, Aguilera’s first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with laughter and entertainment. She charmed the audience with her down-to-earth personality and candid stories, proving that even superstars have their embarrassing moments. Stay tuned for Aguilera’s upcoming performance of her hit song “Beautiful” later in the show.