As the game kicked off, the anticipation was palpable. Andrea was up first and faced a question about Julia Louis-Dreyful’s Golden Globe wins. Unfortunately, she guessed wrong, thinking Julia had won three instead of zero. She had to venture into the monster’s mouth and pull out three teeth, one of which made the beast go wild. Yikes!

Next up was Mary, who had to answer a question about how many states border Massachusetts. Surprisingly, she guessed five instead of the correct answer, which was two. Mary had to extract three teeth from the monster, ensuring a nerve-wracking and suspenseful moment for everyone involved.

The tension continued to rise as the game moved forward. Andrea faced a question about earthworms, specifically how many hearts they have. After guessing one, she was shocked to learn that earthworms actually have five hearts. She had to pull out four teeth, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

Lastly, it was Mary’s turn again. She had to answer a question about the lobes in a lung, and unfortunately, she guessed four instead of the correct answer of three. However, Mary got lucky as she only had to remove one tooth, meaning she survived the gruesome challenge.

In the end, Mary walked away as the winner, receiving a $5,000 Visa gift card. The stakes were undoubtedly high, but she triumphed over the one-eyed monster. The audience erupted in cheers, celebrating her victory.

This segment on The Ellen Degeneres Show showcased the talk show’s ability to create thrilling and engaging games. With Ellen’s wit and charm, coupled with the lively audience, it’s no wonder why the show has become a favorite among viewers. If you’re a fan of exciting challenges and unexpected twists, make sure to tune into The Ellen Degeneres Show for more entertaining episodes like this one.