During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, guests Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, and Dua Lipa opened up about their weird rituals and superstitions. The talk show host couldn’t help but ask if they had any eccentricities like actors are often assumed to have.

Winslet admitted to being a germaphobe and having various rituals she must follow. She also mentioned that she does weird things with scripts, though she didn’t specify exactly what. Blanchett chimed in, confirming that she does have superstitions but believes that actors can go mad with them. She revealed that she holds her breath as soon as the plane taxis off when she’s flying alone, a habit she developed to combat her fear of flying. However, she mentioned how this becomes tricky when the airline staff keeps offering chocolates and engaging in conversation.

The conversation then turned to Dua Lipa, who shared her own rituals. She mentioned that she has a superstition about saying hello to magpies and asking about their wives and families. Although it has nothing to do with flying, it seems to be her way of seeking a safe journey. Lipa also added that her family has several superstitions, including the belief that itching your nose and touching your bum can prevent anger. The other guests found this amusing and even gave it a try.

In addition to these quirky rituals, the discussion delved into the topic of wearing underwear inside out for good luck. It seems that if you have an important event or something significant happening, turning your knickers inside out is believed to protect you from evil spirits. This revelation prompted Kate Winslet‘s husband to chime in, admitting that he does the same thing but for the purpose of avoiding doing laundry.

The conversation concluded with a playful exchange about the number of magpies seen and its significance. In Australia, where Winslet is from, people salute magpies to ward off sorrow if they see just one, while two is believed to bring joy. The counting continues: three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, and six for gold. Thankfully, there isn’t an explanation for seven magpies as it is thought to be a secret never to be revealed.

The chat prompted laughter and amusement throughout The Graham Norton Show, showcasing the unique quirks and superstitions that these celebrities embrace. As audience members, we were given insight into their entertaining and sometimes bizarre habits, making the episode all the more engaging.