On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, David Spade made a memorable appearance. Known for his witty humor, Spade entertained the audience with stories about meeting Sydney Sweeney, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelce.

The interview started off with Jimmy Kimmel mentioning how Spade seemed to avoid giving him a hug. Spade jokingly responded, stating that he didn’t know Kimmel was going for a hug and went with a handshake instead. The conversation then transitioned into Spade’s experience with a car trouble incident during a rainy night, which resulted in him having to push his car and asking strangers for help.

The topic shifted to awards, with Spade confessing that he doesn’t have any major awards. However, he mentioned hosting the Oscars and shared an amusing anecdote about receiving a late-night time slot for the Vanity Fair party. Spade dished out some advice for party-goers who can’t get into exclusive events – simply carry a fake plastic Oscar and confidently walk in.

Moving on to his podcasts, Spade revealed that he hosts two shows: “Fly on the Wall” and “Superfly” with Dana Carvey. Both podcasts have a connection to Saturday Night Live, and Spade mentioned they still have plenty of guests from the show. He also mentioned Shane Gillis and Sydney Sweeney, who would be appearing on the show as upcoming guests.

Speaking about Sweeney, Spade recounted a series of encounters that he had with people who claimed to know her. Preceding these encounters, Spade had heard a lot about her from fans at his shows in Spokane. Surprisingly, one person even claimed to be her brother but turned out to be a fraud. Spade ultimately bumped into Sweeney on a flight, and he humorously shared the awkward exchange they had regarding a lost 5 Hour Energy drink.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about Spade’s podcasts and his recent experience at the Super Bowl. Spade also touched on his thoughts about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, acknowledging the pressure they face due to their public relationship.

Overall, the interview was filled with Spade’s signature humor, providing entertaining anecdotes and amusing observations. Fans of Spade and the talk show genre will undoubtedly enjoy the lively banter and humorous stories shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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