On the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the legendary band Kings of Leon stole the stage with their electrifying performance of their new hit song “Mustang.” The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as the talented musicians showcased their signature sound and undeniable energy.

The song, part of their highly anticipated album “Can We Please Have Fun,” is set to be released on May 10th, and fans can’t wait to get their hands on it. “Mustang” is a catchy tune that will have listeners tapping their feet and singing along from start to finish.

With lyrics like “If you’re free tomorrow, don’t make any plans” and “We can go to Sylvan Park and kick over trash cans,” the song captures a sense of youthful rebellion and spontaneity. Kings of Leon‘s lead singer belts out the verses with a voice full of passion, while the band’s tight instrumentation takes the audience on a sonic journey.

As the performance reaches its crescendo, the crowd can’t help but feel the exhilaration of the music. The chorus, with its infectious melody and unforgettable hook, has everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along.

The Tonight Show audience was left in awe of Kings of Leon‘s talent and stage presence. It’s evident why this band has reached such great heights in the music industry and amassed a dedicated fanbase around the world. Their performance on The Tonight Show proves they are still at the top of their game and ready to conquer any stage.

Jimmy Fallon, ever the enthusiastic host, couldn’t contain his excitement. He cheered on the band, exclaiming, “That’s how you do it! Come on! Show ’em how to do it. That’s how you do it right there.” The charismatic host knows how to appreciate a great performance when he sees one.

The episode also had exciting news for fans of Kings of Leon. Tickets for their world tour will go on sale this Friday, creating even more anticipation for their upcoming album release. Fans will have the opportunity to experience the band’s electrifying energy live on stage, making this tour a can’t-miss event.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon continues to deliver great entertainment and showcase some of the world’s biggest and most talented artists. As always, Jimmy manages to create a lively atmosphere that keeps viewers tuning in night after night.

Whether you’re a die-hard Kings of Leon fan or simply appreciate good music, their performance of “Mustang” on The Tonight Show is a must-watch. This spirited and energetic performance is just a taste of what’s to come from this iconic rock band. Get ready to rock out when their new album drops on May 10th.