In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel covered a range of topics including the primary elections in Michigan, the border crisis, and Donald Trump Jr.‘s outrageous claims. Kimmel began by joking about the lack of suspense in the primary elections, comparing it to an episode of Blues Clues. He then highlighted the chaos within the Republican party in Michigan, where two different people claimed to be the chair of the state Republican party and scheduled dueling events.

Kimmel didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at Joe Biden’s unopposed position in the primary elections and the ongoing government shutdown negotiations. Kimmel imagined that days like these might make Biden wonder why he ever considered running for president again.

The talk show host then shifted his focus to the upcoming border visit by both Donald Trump and Biden. Kimmel humorously predicted that with two additional senior citizens, they could have a pickleball match at the border. He sarcastically stated that Trump would make sure not to solve the border crisis, while Biden would meet with border agents.

Switching gears, Kimmel discussed Donald Trump Jr.‘s recent scare when a letter containing an unidentified white powder arrived at his Florida home. Although the powder turned out to be harmless, Kimmel mentioned the irony of HazMat teams being called to Trump Jr.’s house, joking about his hair clogging toilets.

Kimmel then delved into Trump Jr.’s obsession with Google’s AI program, “Gemini.” Trump Jr. claimed that the program was creating images of black and Latino Nazis and even depicted black George Washington. Kimmel found this claim preposterous and ridiculed Trump Jr. for it.

Returning to his comedy routine, Kimmel presented a segment called “Gimme Five,” where contestants on Hollywood Boulevard were challenged to name five things in a given category. The contestants played well, providing answers like slippery, high heels, and slide.

Throughout the show, Kimmel maintained a humorous tone while commenting on current events and engaging with his audience. His witty remarks and satirical commentary kept viewers entertained. With Kimmel’s lively banter and comical insights, Jimmy Kimmel Live continues to be a must-watch talk show for fans of late-night comedy.