David Letterman‘s talk show had a hilarious and unconventional segment recently when Tom Wilson and his champion border collies made an appearance. Wilson, originally from Scotland but now residing in Virginia, brought along his talented four-legged friends who are trained to work with sheep and other livestock.

The star of the show was Roy, the father of the family of border collies, who showed off his skills as a herding dog. Roy, who is a champion in the field, impressed the audience with his obedience and innate talent.

Wilson explained that his dogs are trained to respond to both voice and whistle commands, with each having their own individual signals. The audience was eager to witness the dogs’ abilities, but the sheep had other plans.

As Wilson attempted to start the herding demonstration, one of the sheep made an early escape, causing chaos and laughter in the studio. Despite the unexpected interruption, the dogs eventually rounded up the sheep and displayed their herding skills to the delight of the audience.

The highlight of the segment came when Wilson challenged his dogs to herd the sheep through a pen, a corridor, and into an elevator. The sheer audacity of the task left the audience on the edge of their seats. The dogs, Roy, Ben, and Molly, successfully guided the sheep through the obstacle course, earning applause and admiration from the crowd.

Throughout the segment, it became clear that these border collies had a strong bond with Wilson and enjoyed their work immensely. While they could make good pets, Wilson acknowledged that they thrived in their roles as working dogs.

The humor and unpredictability of the segment was evident as the dogs showcased their talents amid the occasional sheep rebellion. The audience couldn’t help but wonder if teaching the sheep the signals would simplify the process, but Wilson seemed content with the canine approach.

In the end, the segment was a delightful and entertaining display of the remarkable skills of these hardworking dogs. Letterman and his audience were left impressed and amused by the incredible teamwork and intelligence demonstrated by Wilson’s border collies.

David Letterman‘s talk show always guarantees an evening filled with laughter, surprise, and memorable moments. The segment featuring Tom Wilson and his champion herding dogs proved to be no exception. With their undeniable talent and Wilson’s expert training, these border collies showed the audience just how incredible the bond between humans and animals can be.